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Anagram meaning of Ksgn 1i

1 kings anagram from Ksgn 1i means: The first of two Old Testament books telling the histories of th Scrabble word finder for 1 gsnki

Anagram meaning of Mdlaiiumlarid

Armadillidium anagram from Mdlaiiumlarid means: Type genus of the Armadillidiidae Scrabble word finder for Raidudlilmaim

Anagram meaning of Ibb

Bib anagram from Ibb means: Top part of an apron; covering the chest Scrabble word finder for Bbi

Anagram meaning of Colro

Color anagram from Colro means: Modify or bias Scrabble word finder for Rcloo

Anagram meaning of Eatmyg eeerc mtysesnrl

Emergency alert system anagram from Eatmyg eeerc mtysesnrl means: A federal warning system that is activated by FEMA; enables the Scrabble word finder for neecyrgyasmem tretlse

Anagram meaning of Ecnsila sgesupa

Genus asclepias anagram from Ecnsila sgesupa means: Genus of chiefly North American perennial herbs: silkweed; milkw Scrabble word finder for Sl escsaenpguia

Anagram meaning of Haypgclrila

Graphically anagram from Haypgclrila means: With respect to graphic aspects Scrabble word finder for Ayrlahipglc

Anagram meaning of H

H anagram from H means: A nonmetallic univalent element that is normally a colorless and Scrabble word finder for H

Anagram meaning of Omsphth oornme

Homer thompson anagram from Omsphth oornme means: United States classical archaeologist (born in Canada) noted for Scrabble word finder for Ohtoomemsrhn p

Anagram meaning of Nkta

Kant anagram from Nkta means: Influential German idealist philosopher (1724-1804) Scrabble word finder for Knat

Anagram meaning of Ikss

Kiss anagram from Ikss means: A cookie made of egg whites and sugar Scrabble word finder for Kiss

Anagram meaning of Eegnatims

Magnetise anagram from Eegnatims means: Attract strongly, as if with a magnet Scrabble word finder for Nimeteags

Anagram meaning of Pmtrehcrariooic

Microchiroptera anagram from Pmtrehcrariooic means: Most of the bats in the world; all bats except fruit bats insect Scrabble word finder for Rrmrocaiepcioht

Anagram meaning of Vrciees

Service anagram from Vrciees means: Mate with Scrabble word finder for Erevcsi

Anagram meaning of Fsfsdatninsoshe

Standoffishness anagram from Fsfsdatninsoshe means: A disposition to be distant and unsympathetic in manner Scrabble word finder for Fsennosfdhissat

Anagram meaning of Osetr

Store anagram from Osetr means: A supply of something available for future use Scrabble word finder for Reots

Anagram meaning of Oliowufsleree n-ds

Sunflower-seed oil anagram from Oliowufsleree n-ds means: Oil from sunflower seeds Scrabble word finder for Oenfiswd o-relulse

Anagram meaning of Hent

Then anagram from Hent means: That time; that moment Scrabble word finder for Hnet

Anagram meaning of Ttu meoi

Time out anagram from Ttu meoi means: A pause from doing something (as work) Scrabble word finder for Eotum ti

Anagram meaning of ssuv'iplrepne

Venus' slipper anagram from ssuv'iplrepne means: Any of various orchids of the genus Paphiopedilum having slender Scrabble word finder for Ispv el'surpne

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