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Canis (n.): A genus of carnivorous mammals, of the family Canidae, including the dogs and wolves.

Canis (n): Type genus of the Canidae: domestic and wild dogs; wolves; jacka

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10 Letter Words containing AINSC: Abscission, Abscission, Abstinence, Abstinence, Acanthosis, Accusation, Accusation, Accusingly, Actias luna, Activeness, Activeness, Actomyosin, Actor's line, Agnostical, Air cushion, Air cushion, Air cushion, Albinistic, Anamnestic, Anapaestic, Anaplastic, Anarhichas, Anastatica, Anchylosis, Anecdotist, Anesthetic, Anesthetic, Anesthetic, Angioscope, Anisogamic, Annalistic, Anthriscus, Antichrist, Antidorcas, Antiseptic, Antiseptic, Antiseptic, Antiseptic, Antiseptic, Antisocial, Antisocial, Ascendible, Ascolichen, Ascription, Ascription, Assistance, Assistance, Assistance, Astronomic, Astronomic, Austenitic, Autogenics, Bacon strip, Binoculars, Cabin class, Cacogenics, Caffeinism, Calf's brain, Caliginous, Calumnious, Camping bus, Canachites, Candidness, Candlepins, Canis dingo, Canis lupus, Canis major, Canis minor, Canis niger, Canis rufus, Canvassing, Canyonside, Carnassial, Carson city, Carthusian, Carthusian, Cartoonist, Casein glue, Cash in hand, Caspian sea, Castillian, Castration, Castration, Castration, Centesimal, Centesimal, Centralise, Centralism, Centralist, Chaenactis, Chaenopsis, Chain store, Chain tongs, Chain-smoke, Channelise, Channelise, Channelise, Channelise, Chastening, Chauvinism, Chauvinism, Chauvinist, Chauvinist, Chilblains, China aster, China grass, China stone, Chinese yam, Cinematise, Circassian, Circassian, Circassian, Cismontane, Cistercian, Clamminess, Clannishly, Clasp knife, Coalescing, Cognisable, Cognisance, Colossians, Comparison, Comparison, Comparison, Compassion, Compassion, Confiscate, Confiscate, Consociate, Conspiracy, Conspiracy, Conspiracy, Constipate, Constipate, Constraint, Constraint, Constraint, Contagious, Contagious, Cor anglais, Cornishman, Cornwallis, Costa rican, Costa rican, Cow parsnip, Crabbiness, Cracklings, Craftiness, Craftiness, Crane's bill, Cranesbill, Crankiness, Creaminess, Crescentia, Crown daisy, Daisy chain, Daisy chain, Daisy-chain, Dance music, Dance music, Decreasing, Decreasing, Diagnostic, Diagnostic, Dickensian, Dicranales, Discordant, Discordant, Discrepant, Discrepant, Discrepant, Discussant, Disenchant, Dissonance, Dissonance, Dissonance, Epicanthus, Escalation, Face saving, Face-saving, Fanaticism, Fascinated, Final cause, Finger scan, Finish coat, Fly casting, Franciscan, Franciscan, Genus acris, Genus canis, Genus cavia, Genus ceiba, Genus dirca, Genus erica, Genus picea, Genus tinca, Genus vicia, Genus vinca, Gosan-chiku, Grass finch, Grass finch, Grassfinch, Gymnastics, Hopsacking, Housatonic, Hsuan chiao, Humanistic, Humanistic, Humanistic, Humanistic, Ice skating, Icing sugar, Iconoclasm, Iconoclast, Iconoclast, Inartistic, Incandesce, Incandesce, Incasement, Incautious, Incautious, Incessancy, Inconstant, Increasing, Increasing, Infrasonic, Inosculate, Inosculate, Insouciant, Intactness, Isaac stern, Isochronal, Isocyanate, Jacksonian, Jacksonian, Jacobinism, Just in case, Kansas city, Kansas city, Kinematics, Laconicism, Lacustrine, Lancashire, Lancet fish, Lancetfish, Latin cross, Leaf insect, Lemniscate, License tax, Lichenales, Mackintosh, Mackintosh, Main clause, Main course, Main course, Manicurist, Mantis crab, Manuscript, Manuscript, Maraschino, Maraschino, Marcionism, Mass action, Mechanised, Mechanised, Mendacious, Mendacious, Micronesia, Micronesia, Minor scale, Minuscular, Miscellany, Miscellany, Misocainea, Monarchism, Monarchist, Monastical, Music stand, Mycostatin, Narcissism, Narcissist, Narcotised, Nativistic, Nativistic, Naturistic, Neoclassic, Neoplastic, Nicholas ii, Nonmusical, Nonmusical, Nosocomial, Nova scotia, Nova scotia, Obstinance, Obstinance, Occasional, Occasional, Occasional, Occasional, On occasion, Onomastics, Organicism, Organismic, Osculation, Osculation, Panic grass, Patchiness, Pencil case, Persian cat, Piano music, Piano music, Placidness, Plasticine, Pleonastic, Pneumatics, Prison camp, Prison camp, Pugnacious, Pugnacious, Purchasing, Rancidness, Ransacking, Recusation, Recusation, Resistance, Resistance, Resistance, Resistance, Resistance, Resistance, Resistance, Resistance, Resistance, Resistance, Resistance, Richardson, Richardson, Rock island, Rosa canina, Saccharine, Sacral vein, Sadi carnot, Saint cloud, Saint cyril, Saint lucia, Saint lucia, Salicornia, Salpinctes, Sanctified, Sanctimony, Sanctioned, Sanctioned, Sanctioned, Sanctitude, Sarracenia, Saxicoline, Scallopine, Scallopini, Scandalise, Scandalize, Scandentia, Scantiness, Scardinius, Scarf joint, Scarlatina, Scathingly, Scatter pin, Scattering, Scattering, Scattering, Scattering, Scattering, Scenically, Schliemann, Sciaenidae, Science lab, Scindapsus, Scorpaenid, Scratching, Scrimshank, Sea captain, Section man, Sedan chair, Self-acting, Semitrance, Septic tank, Service man, Serviceman, Shrink back, Side-glance, Skiing race, Skin cancer, Slackening, Slim chance, Smoking car, Social lion, Social rank, Social unit, Speciation, Spinal cord, Splanchnic, Square inch, St. boniface, St. nicholas, Static line, Stickup man, Strickland, Subclavian, Suboceanic, Supplicant, Supplicant, Supplicant, Swan orchid, Swiss franc, Switch cane, Syndicator, Synoptical, Talismanic, Tennis camp, Thylacinus, Tonic solfa, Transcribe, Transcribe, Transcribe, Transcribe, Transcribe, Transcript, Transcript, Transience, Transience, Transiency, Ultrasonic, Unartistic, Ungracious, Ungracious, Unsanctify, Unsociable, Unsociably, Unsyllabic, Vesication, Vinca rosea, Vine cactus, Vulcanised, Vulcaniser, Wainscoted, Wishing cap,

9 Letter Words containing AINSC: Accession, Accession, Accession, Accession, Accession, Accession, Accession, Achimenes, Acipenser, Acridness, Acridness, Actual sin, Agonistic, Agonistic, Agonistic, Amsinckia, Anaclisis, Analgesic, Analgesic, Anapestic, Anaphasic, Anarchism, Anarchist, Anglicise, Anglicism, Anglicism, Animistic, Anorchism, Anosmatic, Arc cosine, Arccosine, Arsenical, Arsenical, Ascending, Ascending, Ascension, Ascension, Ascension, Ascension, Ascension, Ascensive, Ascertain, Ascertain, Ascertain, Ascertain, Asyndetic, Asynergic, Basic iron, Basilican, Brachinus, Braincase, Brainsick, Caesarian, Caesarian, Caesarian, Calvinism, Calvinist, Calvinist, Candy kiss, Cannister, Cannulise, Canonised, Canticles, Caparison, Caparison, Capsaicin, Capsizing, Carbonise, Carbonise, Caressing, Carnalise, Carolinas, Carousing, Cartesian, Cartesian, Case knife, Case knife, Castilian, Casuarina, Cattiness, Caucasian, Caucasian, Caucasian, Caucasian, Causation, Cavendish, Censorial, Cessation, Chariness, Chest pain, Chin strap, China rose, China rose, Christian, Christian, Christian, Cisalpine, Cleansing, Cleansing, Cleansing, Clianthus, Coastline, Cocainise, Cognisant, Collinsia, Colossian, Con artist, Consolida, Constrain, Constrain, Constrain, Coping saw, Corrasion, Craziness, Craziness, Craziness, Croissant, Custodian, Desiccant, Dicksonia, Dictamnus, Dinoceras, Encaustic, Erinaceus, Exciseman, Fantastic, Fantastic, Fantastic, Fantastic, Fantastic, Fascinate, Fascinate, Fascinate, Felis onca, Franchise, Franchise, Franchise, Franchise, Francis ii, Genus pica, Gymnastic, Gymnastic, Harmonics, Hesitance, Hesitancy, Hesitancy, In any case, In any case, In one case, Inachis io, Incessant, Increased, Index case, Inelastic, Infuscate, Insomniac, Insomniac, Insurance, Insurance, Insurance, Intestacy, Isoclinal, Isoclinal, Jacksnipe, Jacksnipe, Jacksonia, Kickstand, Kit carson, Larcenist, Latinesce, Machinist, Macintosh, Macintosh, Maconnais, Magnetics, Masculine, Masculine, Masculine, Masculine, Mason city, Mechanics, Mechanics, Mechanise, Mechanise, Mechanise, Mechanism, Mechanism, Mechanism, Mechanism, Mechanism, Mechanist, Mescaline, Messianic, Micronase, Minacious, Miner's cat, Mint sauce, Mischance, Mischance, Miscreant, Muntiacus, Muscadine, Muscadine, Narcissus, Narcissus, Narcotise, Nicholas i, Nicholas v, Nonracist, Nonsocial, Nostalgic, Obeisance, Obeisance, Obstinacy, Obstinacy, Occasions, Oceanites, Oniscidae, Onomastic, Oscitance, Oscitance, Oscitancy, Oscitancy, Pastinaca, Physician, Pianistic, Pianistic, Puissance, Quicksand, Quicksand, Rain stick, Recasting, Saccharin, Sacristan, Saint nick, Sarcodina, Sarcodine, Sarcosine, Sauciness, Scaliness, Scantling, Scenarist, Sciaenops, Scincella, Scincidae, Scintilla, Scintilla, Scrap iron, Screaming, Screaming, Screaming, Screaming, Screaming, Sea urchin, Searching, Searching, Searching, Sectarian, Sectarian, Sectarian, Sectional, Sectional, Sectional, Sectional, Selachian, Semantics, Semantics, Ship canal, Sipuncula, Siren call, Skin patch, Slingback, Snow chain, St. francis, St. francis, Stanchion, Surfacing, Switchman, Synclinal, Syndicate, Syndicate, Syndicate, Syndicate, Syndicate, Syndicate, Syntactic, Tackiness, Tackiness, Tenacious, Tenacious, Tenacious, Tocantins, Toscanini, Transonic, Unceasing, Unceasing, Unmusical, Unmusical, Unmusical, Us cabinet, Vinaceous, Vinaceous, Volcanism, Vulcanise, Vulcanise, Wax insect, Wind scale, Wine sauce,

8 Letter Words containing AINSC: Accusing, Actinism, Agnostic, Agnostic, Agnostic, Agnostic, Amnesiac, Amnesiac, Amnestic, Ancients, Andricus, Anestric, Ascidian, Asthenic, Asthenic, Asuncion, Avionics, Backspin, Banausic, Brancusi, Brisance, Calfskin, Canalise, Canaries, Canistel, Canistel, Canister, Canister, Cannabis, Cannabis, Canoeist, Canonise, Canonise, Canonist, Canonist, Caponise, Carpinus, Cash in on, Cast iron, Cast-iron, Castling, Cesarian, Cesarian, Chain saw, Chainsaw, Chishona, Chisinau, Cislunar, Cisterna, Clannish, Clannish, Clashing, Corsican, Coxswain, Crashing, Cremains, Cyanosis, Diocesan, Diocesan, Distance, Distance, Distance, Distance, Distance, Distance, Distance, Distance, Dynamics, Dynastic, Finances, Granicus, Hispanic, Hispanic, Incisura, Increase, Increase, Increase, Increase, Increase, Increase, Increase, Insectan, Instance, Instance, Instance, Instancy, Instancy, Issuance, Laconism, Luscinia, Mishnaic, Mocassin, Moccasin, Monastic, Monastic, Musician, Musician, Narcosis, Nicholas, Nicklaus, Nuisance, Nuisance, Occasion, Occasion, Occasion, Occasion, Occasion, Occasion, Oscitant, Priscoan, Procnias, Raciness, Raciness, Salience, Saliency, Salonica, Sanctify, Sanctify, Sanction, Sanction, Sanction, Sanction, Sanction, Sanction, Sanction, Sanctity, Sandwich, Sandwich, Sandwich, Sanicula, Sapience, Sardonic, Scallion, Scallion, Scandium, Scanning, Scanning, Scansion, Scantily, Scarfpin, Scathing, Scenario, Scenario, Scenario, Sciaenid, Scraping, Scraping, Scraping, Scriabin, Scythian, Scythian, Scythian, Semantic, Sicilian, Sicilian, Sinclair, Sinclair, Skin care, Skincare, Slacking, Slavonic, Slavonic, Smacking, Socinian, Spinacia, Spondaic, Sulindac, Synaptic, Synechia, Unsocial, Vesicant, Vesicant, Wainscot, Wainscot, Wine cask, Wing case,

7 Letter Words containing AINSC: Acinose, Acinous, Amnesic, Amnesic, Amnesic, Anosmic, Anosmic, Arc sine, Arcsine, Arsenic, Arsenic, Caisson, Caisson, Caisson, Caisson, Caspian, Cassino, Casting, Casting, Casting, Casting, Causing, Discant, Discina, Inachis, Incased, Insecta, Masonic, Masonic, Narcism, Narcist, Nicosia, Sacking, Sacking, Sanicle, Satanic, Satanic, Sayanci, Scaling, Scaling, Scaling, Sciaena, Sichuan, Spacing, Spacing, Spinach, Spinach, Stannic,

6 Letter Words containing AINSC: Acinos, Acinus, Acinus, Arcsin, Casein, Casein, Cash in, Casing, Casing, Casing, Casino, Casino, Chains, In case, Incase,

4 Letter Scrabble word finder or Anagrams for Ainsc and meanings

Saic (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Ainsc means: A kind of ketch very common in the Levant, which has neither topgallant sail nor mizzen topsail. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Scia
Inca (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Ainsc means: An emperor or monarch of Peru before, or at the time of, the Spanish conquest; any member of this royal dynasty, reputed to have been descendants of the sun. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Ianc
Inca (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Ainsc means: The people governed by the Incas, now represented by the Quichua tribe. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Cina
Sain (v. t.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Ainsc means: To sanctify; to bless so as to protect from evil influence. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Asin
Nias (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Ainsc means: A young hawk; an eyas; hence, an unsophisticated person. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Isna
Nais (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Ainsc means: See Naiad. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Nias
Asci (n. pl.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Ainsc means: See Ascus. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Aics
Scan (v. t.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Ainsc means: To mount by steps; to go through with step by step. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Snca
Sain (p. p.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Ainsc means: Said. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Nsia

Scrabble word finder for Acnsi. Google scrabble cheat for Ainsc. is an anagram answer for cAnsi. Search engine Word puzzles for Acsni. Ainsc csnAi, ciAns. Meaning of Ainsc.

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