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Mactra (n.): Any marine bivalve shell of the genus Mactra, and allied genera. Many species are known. Some of them are used as food, as Mactra stultorum, of Europe. See Surf clam, under Surf.

Tarmac (n): A paved surface having compressed layers of broken rocks held to

Tarmac (n): A paving material of tar and broken stone; mixed in a factory an

Tarmac (v): Surface with macadam

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11 Letter Words containing ARAMTC: Accumulator, Accumulator, Accumulator, Acer argutum, Achromatise, Achromatism, Achromatize, Achromatous, Aircraftman, Albert camus, Antechamber, Armata corsa, Armed combat, Army attache, Atheromatic, Bacteriemia, Black market, Black market, Black market, Black-market, Camphorated, Carminative, Carminative, Carotenemia, Catadromous, Ceratozamia, Charismatic, Chatter mark, Chatter mark, Chittam bark, City manager, Clamatorial, Closet drama, Combat-ready, Comparative, Comparative, Comparative, Cryptogamia, Dance master, Declamatory, Demarcation, Demarcation, Diametrical, Diametrical, Drama critic, Dramatic art, Dramaturgic, Emancipator, Empetraceae, Exclamatory, Factory farm, Factory-made, Fecal matter, Grammatical, Grammatical, Haematocrit, Haematocrit, Impractical, Impractical, Lachrymator, Lacrimation, Lacrimatory, Law merchant, Macrodantin, Macrotyloma, Magna charta, Malpractice, Malpractice, Manufactory, Manufacture, Manufacture, Manufacture, Manufacture, Manufacture, Manufacture, Marantaceae, Market place, Market place, Marketplace, Marketplace, Master class, Math teacher, Matriarchal, Matriarchic, Matriculate, Matriculate, Meat cleaver, Merchantman, Multiracial, Muscat grape, Non-aromatic, Palma christ, Paramountcy, Pragmatical, Pragmatical, Rampant arch, Reclamation, Reclamation, Reclamation, Sacramental, Sarcostemma, Star chamber, Steamer clam, Steamer clam, Thomas carew, Trailer camp,

10 Letter Words containing ARAMTC: Accent mark, Achromatic, Achromatin, Arithmancy, Back matter, Bacteremia, Cambric tea, Campestral, Camphorate, Carbon atom, Cattle farm, Clamatores, Coat of arms, Combat area, Compact car, Contact arm, Coumara nut, Lacrimator, Lemur catta, Maceration, Maceration, Macerative, Machinator, Magistracy, Magna carta, Malefactor, Mantichora, Mantis crab, Marchantia, Master race, Matchboard, Matchmaker, Matriarchy, Matricaria, Meat packer, Metacarpal, Metacarpal, Metacarpus, Morganatic, Nematocera, Parametric, Pharmacist, Pragmatics, Sacramento, Scrap metal, Smart aleck, Tack hammer, Tarmacadam, Tarmacadam, Tauromachy, Traffic jam, Undramatic, Watchmaker,

9 Letter Words containing ARAMTC: Amaurotic, Carbamate, Carthamus, Catamaran, Catharism, Come apart, Craftsman, Craftsman, Craftsman, Cyma recta, Demarcate, Demarcate, Dramatics, Dramatics, Grammatic, Macarthur, Manticora, Margay cat, Marten cat, Matriarch, Matriarch, Myrtaceae, Pragmatic, Pragmatic, Pragmatic, Pragmatic, Rimactane, Sacrament, Smart card, Tachogram, Taraxacum, Traumatic, Traumatic,

8 Letter Words containing ARAMTC: Aromatic, Aromatic, Crabmeat, Dramatic, Dramatic, Dramatic, Dramatic, Ham actor, Macerate, Macerate, Macerate, Macerate, Tamarack, Trachoma, Tv camera,

7 Letter Words containing ARAMTC: Tramcar, Tramcar,

5 Letter Scrabble word finder or Anagrams for Aramtc and meanings

Carat (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Aramtc means: A twenty-fourth part; -- a term used in estimating the proportionate fineness of gold. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Crtaa
Carat (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Aramtc means: The weight by which precious stones and pearls are weighed. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Crtaa

Scrabble word finder for Aatrmc. Google scrabble cheat for Aramtc. is an anagram answer for cAratm. Search engine Word puzzles for cmrAat. Aramtc atmrAc, acAmrt. Meaning of Aramtc.

Tags: Anagram meaning of Aramtc. anagram solver, meaning of Aramtc. Found the meaning of Aramtc? This page defines Aramtc. anagrams from Aramtc.

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