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Doctor (n.): A teacher; one skilled in a profession, or branch of knowledge learned man.

Doctor (n.): An academical title, originally meaning a men so well versed in his department as to be qualified to teach it. Hence: One who has taken the highest degree conferred by a university or college, or has received a diploma of the highest degree; as, a doctor of divinity, of law, of medicine, of music, or of philosophy. Such diplomas may confer an honorary title only.

Doctor (n.): One duly licensed to practice medicine; a member of the medical profession; a physician.

Doctor (n.): Any mechanical contrivance intended to remedy a difficulty or serve some purpose in an exigency; as, the doctor of a calico-printing machine, which is a knife to remove superfluous coloring matter; the doctor, or auxiliary engine, called also donkey engine.

Doctor (n.): The friar skate.

Doctor (v. t.): To treat as a physician does; to apply remedies to; to repair; as, to doctor a sick man or a broken cart.

Doctor (v. t.): To confer a doctorate upon; to make a doctor.

Doctor (v. t.): To tamper with and arrange for one's own purposes; to falsify; to adulterate; as, to doctor election returns; to doctor whisky.

Doctor (v. i.): To practice physic.

Doctor (n): Children take the roles of physician or patient or nurse and pre

Doctor (n): A licensed medical practitioner

Doctor (n): A person who holds Ph.D. degree (or the equivalent) from an acad

Doctor (n): (Roman Catholic Church) a title conferred on 33 saints who disti

Doctor (v): Give medical treatment to

Doctor (v): Restore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn or

Doctor (v): Alter and make impure, as with the intention to deceive

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11 Letter Words containing DORTCO: Ancistrodon, Avocado tree, Brain doctor, Call to order, Carotid body, Castoroides, Catadromous, Chiropodist, Choroid coat, Co-ordinated, Co-ordinated, Co-ordinated, Co-ordinator, Cognate word, Cold comfort, Cold storage, Cold storage, Comfort food, Conditioner, Conditioner, Conditioner, Content word, Control grid, Coordinated, Coordinated, Coordinated, Coordinator, Corrodentia, Cote d'ivoire, Cryptomonad, Cyprinodont, Dicrostonyx, Doctor's bill, Doctorspeak, Eriodictyon, Food product, Forty-second, Ground cloth, Horse doctor, Notice board, Orthodontic, Orthopaedic, Orthopedics, Ostracoderm, Periodontic, Photo credit, Radiolocate, Recondition, Rust-colored, Scattergood, Snake doctor, Stockholder, Ticonderoga, Tooth doctor, Touch a chord, Tour de force, Trade school, Trichomonad, Urochordata, Urochordate, Water-cooled, Witch doctor,

10 Letter Words containing DORTCO: Baby doctor, Broadcloth, Broadcloth, Brood bitch, Carotenoid, Citronwood, Citronwood, Co-ordinate, Concordant, Concordant, Control rod, Controlled, Coordinate, Coordinate, Coordinate, Coordinate, Coordinate, Coordinate, Copy editor, Court order, Decoration, Decoration, Decoration, Discomfort, Discomfort, Doctor-fish, Doctorfish, Dot product, E. l. doctorow, Endoprocta, Fish doctor, Foot doctor, Herb doctor, Ictodosaur, Load factor, Mid-october, Moth orchid, Octahedron, Old country, Orthopedic, Production, Production, Production, Production, Production, Production, Production, Production, Skin doctor, Spin doctor, Storm cloud, Tichodroma, Tichodrome, Trachodont, Wicket door, Woodcutter, World court,

9 Letter Words containing DORTCO: Advocator, Coadjutor, Cold front, Comforted, Concordat, Condorcet, Conductor, Conductor, Conductor, Conductor, Contorted, Coroneted, Corticoid, Decontrol, Decorator, Decorator, Doctorate, Doctorial, Door latch, Drop cloth, Drop cloth, Dutch door, Ear doctor, Eye doctor, Food court, Motorcade, Notochord, Oort cloud, Ostracoda, Porticoed, Trachodon, Woodcraft, Woodcraft,

8 Letter Words containing DORTCO: Acrodont, Crowd out, Doctor up, Doctoral, Doctorow, Lordotic, Microdot, Ostracod, Tonocard,

7 Letter Words containing DORTCO:

5 Letter Scrabble word finder or Anagrams for Dortco and meanings

Troco (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Dortco means: An old English game; -- called also lawn billiards. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Tocro

Scrabble word finder for rtcooD. Google scrabble cheat for Dortco. is an anagram answer for ctroDo. Search engine Word puzzles for cootDr. Dortco ctroDo, Dcotor. Meaning of Dortco.

Tags: Anagram meaning of Dortco. anagram solver, meaning of Dortco. Found the meaning of Dortco? This page defines Dortco. anagrams from Dortco.

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