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Fee (n.): Property; possession; tenure.

Fee (n.): Reward or compensation for services rendered or to be rendered; especially, payment for professional services, of optional amount, or fixed by custom or laws; charge; pay; perquisite; as, the fees of lawyers and physicians; the fees of office; clerk's fees; sheriff's fees; marriage fees, etc.

Fee (n.): A right to the use of a superior's land, as a stipend for services to be performed; also, the land so held; a fief.

Fee (n.): An estate of inheritance supposed to be held either mediately or immediately from the sovereign, and absolutely vested in the owner.

Fee (n.): An estate of inheritance belonging to the owner, and transmissible to his heirs, absolutely and simply, without condition attached to the tenure.

Fee (v. t.): To reward for services performed, or to be performed; to recompense; to hire or keep in hire; hence, to bribe.

Fee (n): An interest in land capable of being inherited

Fee (n): A fixed charge for a privilege or for professional services

Fee (v): Give a tip or gratuity to in return for a service, beyond the co

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8 Letter Words containing FEE: Afebrile, Affected, Affected, Affected, Afferent, Afferent, Balefire, Bead fern, Bedframe, Beef loin, Beef neck, Beef stew, Beefcake, Beefed-up, Beefwood, Beefwood, Beefwood, Beefwood, Beefwood, Befogged, Befouled, Befriend, Befuddle, Befuddle, Benefact, Benefice, Benefice, Bird feed, Buffeted, Caffeine, Cape fear, Carefree, Carefree, Cat's feet, Cell-free, Cheerful, Cheerful, Chelifer, Cold feet, Conferee, Conferee, Confrere, Corn beef, De forest, Deaf-mute, Deaf-mute, Deafened, Deafness, Deer fern, Defeated, Defeated, Defeated, Defecate, Defector, Defender, Defender, Deferent, Deferral, Deferral, Defiance, Defiance, Defiance, Defilade, Definite, Definite, Deflated, Deflower, Deflower, Deforest, Deformed, Deftness, Drip feed, Drug-free, Duty-free, Effected, Effecter, Effector, Effector, Effector, Efferent, Efferent, Effluent, Effluent, Effusive, Effusive, Enfeeble, Enfilade, Enfilade, Enforced, Enforcer, Esterify, Etherify, Evenfall, Eventful, Eventful, Fabaceae, Face time, Face veil, Faceless, Faeroese, Fagaceae, False rue, Farewell, Farewell, Fastened, Fastened, Fastened, Fastener, Fastener, Fattened, Fearless, Fearless, Fearsome, Feasible, Feathery, Feathery, Feathery, Featured, Featured, Feckless, Feckless, Feculent, Fedayeen, Federate, Federate, Federate, Federita, Feed back, Feed back, Feed bunk, Feed upon, Feedback, Feedback, Feel like, Feelings, Felo-de-se, Felo-de-se, Felt fern, Feminine, Feminine, Feminine, Feminine, Feminine, Feminise, Feminise, Feminize, Feminize, Fenestra, Fengtien, Fern seed, Fernless, Fernlike, Fervency, Fetal age, Feterita, Feticide, Fettered, Feverfew, Feverish, Feverish, Feverish, Feverous, Field pea, Field pea, Field pea, Fiercely, Fiercely, Figeater, Filagree, File name, File-like, Filename, Filigree, Filigree, Fine-tune, Fine-tune, Fine-tune, Fineable, Fineness, Fineness, Fineness, Fineness, Fingered, Fire bell, Fire code, Fire hose, Fire sale, Fire sale, Fire tree, Firebase, Fireside, Fireside, Fireweed, Fireweed, Fistmele, Fivesome, Fivesome, Flame pea, Flaxseed, Flea bite, Flea bite, Fleabane, Fleabane, Fleabane, Fleeting, Fletcher, Flexeril, Flexible, Flexible, Flexible, Flexible, Flexible, Florence, Florence, Flowered, Floweret, Flue pipe, Fly sheet, Flywheel, Fomenter, For keeps, Fore edge, Forebear, Forebode, Foredate, Foredeck, Forefend, Foregone, Forehead, Forehead, Forename, Forested, Forester, Forester, Foretell, Foretell, Foretell, Fourteen, Fourteen, Freckled, Free fall, Free fall, Free form, Free hand, Free kick, Free list, Free love, Free port, Free port, Free rein, Free time, Free time, Free will, Free zone, Free-base, Free-reed, Free-soil, Freeborn, Freedman, Freehand, Freehold, Freehold, Freeload, Freemail, Freetail, Freetown, Freeware, Freewill, Freezing, Frenetic, Frenzied, Frenzied, Frequent, Frequent, Frequent, Frequent, Fried egg, Fucaceae, Fuel cell, Fuel line, Funereal, Fur-piece, Fuselage, Germfree, Greenfly, Gulfweed, Hay fever, Hellfire, Hereford, Ice field, Ice shelf, In effect, In effect, Infected, Kerchief, Lace fern, Lead-free, Leaf beet, Leaf beet, Leaf node, Leaf-like, Leafless, Leaflike, Leave off, Leave off, Leave off, Left over, Left-eyed, Leftover, Leftover, Legal fee, Leontief, Level off, Life belt, Life belt, Life line, Life peer, Life vest, Life-size, Life-time, Lifeless, Lifeless, Lifeless, Lifeless, Lifelike, Lifelike, Lifeline, Lifeline, Lifeline, Lifeline, Lifesize, Lifetime, Line feed, Love life, Male fern, Meat safe, Meyerhof, Neofiber, Offended, Offender, Open fire, Overfeed, Overleaf, Pain-free, Peaceful, Peaceful, Penknife, Perfecta, Perforce, Perfumed, Perfumed, Perfumer, Pigs' feet, Pilferer, Pine fern, Post-free, Post-free, Prefaded, Raftered, Rarefied, Rarefied, Re-formed, Real life, Red-faced, Red-faced, Redefine, Redefine, Reef knot, Referent, Referent, Referent, Referent, Referral, Referral, Referral, Refinery, Reflexed, Reflexly, Reforest, Reformed, Reformed, Reformer, Reformer, Rent-free, Rent-free, Risk-free, Rooftree, Rust-free, Safeness, Scot free, Seafarer, Seed fern, Seed leaf, Seif dune, Self-heal, Self-help, Self-love, Self-love, Self-made, Self-rule, Selfless, Selfsame, Serflike, Set afire, Shelf ice, Sleep off, Softened, Softened, Softener, Steffens, Sufferer, Sufferer, Sure-fire, Sweep off, Take fire, Take five, Telefilm, Tenerife, Text file, Therefor, Time-fuse, Toll-free, Tone-deaf, Tree farm, Tree fern, Tree frog, Tree frog, Tree-frog, Tree-frog, Typeface, Unbelief, Underfed, Unfenced, Unfreeze, Unfreeze, Unfueled, Vase-fine, Vengeful, Verified, Verifier, Werewolf, Wifelike, Ziegfeld, Zone fire,

7 Letter Words containing FEE: Afeared, Alewife, Alewife, Be after, Beef man, Beef tea, Beefalo, Belt-fed, Benefic, Benefit, Benefit, Benefit, Benefit, Benefit, Debrief, Deep-fry, Defamer, Defence, Defence, Defence, Defence, Defence, Defence, Defence, Defence, Defence, Defence, Defence, Defense, Defense, Defense, Defense, Defense, Defense, Defense, Defense, Defense, Defense, Defense, Defense, Defiled, Defiler, Defined, Defined, Deflate, Deflate, Deflate, Deflate, Deflate, Deflate, Deflect, Deflect, Deflect, Deflect, Deflect, Draftee, Ease off, Ease off, Edifice, Edified, Effects, Effendi, Elflike, Enfeoff, Enforce, Enforce, Even off, Eye of ra, Faberge, Faceted, Faeroes, Faeroes, Faience, Fanweed, Faroese, Fat-free, Feather, Feather, Feather, Feather, Feather, Feather, Feather, Feature, Feature, Feature, Feature, Feature, Feature, Feature, Feature, Febrile, Fechner, Federal, Federal, Federal, Federal, Federal, Federal, Fee tail, Fee-tail, Feedbag, Feeding, Feeding, Feedlot, Feel for, Feel out, Feeling, Feeling, Feeling, Feeling, Feeling, Feeling, Feigned, Felafel, Feldene, Felidae, Fellate, Fence in, Fence in, Ferment, Ferment, Ferment, Ferment, Ferment, Ferment, Ferment, Ferrite, Ferrule, Fertile, Fertile, Fertile, Fertile, Fervent, Fervent, Festive, Fete day, Fevered, Fewness, Fiancee, Fiedler, Fielder, Fielder, Fifteen, Fifteen, Fig tree, Filaree, Fin keel, Finesse, Fir tree, Firenze, Fisheye, Flecked, Fledged, Fledged, Fleetly, Flexile, Flexure, Flexure, Flexure, For free, Foredge, Foreleg, Foresee, Foresee, Foresee, Forever, Forever, Forever, Freckle, Freckle, Freckle, Freebee, Freebie, Freedom, Freedom, Freeing, Freeman, Freesia, Freeway, Freezer, Freshen, Freshen, Freshen, Fresher, Freshet, Fresnel, Fretted, Fretted, Frisbee, Froebel, Fuentes, Gleeful, Golf tee, Heedful, Heedful, Heedful, Ice floe, Ice-free, Jeffers, Keep off, Keep off, Leafage, Leaflet, Leaflet, Leaflet, Needful, O'keeffe, Offence, Offence, Offence, Offence, Offence, Offense, Offense, Offense, Offense, Offense, Offerer, Oftener, Olefine, Overfed, Peel off, Peel off, Peel off, Peel off, Peel off, Perfect, Perfect, Perfect, Perfect, Perfect, Perfume, Perfume, Perfume, Perfume, Perfuse, Perfuse, Preface, Preface, Prefect, Ratafee, Red fire, Reel off, Reel off, Referee, Referee, Referee, Referee, Referee, Refined, Refined, Refined, Refined, Refined, Refiner, Reflate, Reflate, Reflate, Reflate, Reflect, Reflect, Reflect, Reflect, Reflect, Reflect, Reflect, Reforge, Refresh, Refresh, Refresh, Refresh, Refugee, Refuter, Relafen, Safe sex, Set free, Solfege, Solfege, Tax-free, Tea leaf, Telefax, Terefah, Thereof, Thereof, Welfare, Welfare, Welfare, Well-fed,

6 Letter Words containing FEE: Bee fly, Beef up, Before, Before, Belief, Belief, Bereft, Bereft, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Deafen, Deafen, Deafen, Deface, Defame, Defeat, Defeat, Defeat, Defeat, Defect, Defect, Defect, Defect, Defect, Defend, Defend, Defend, Defend, Defend, Defend, Defend, Defile, Defile, Defile, Defile, Define, Define, Define, Define, Define, Defuse, Efface, Efface, Efface, Effect, Effect, Effect, Effect, Effect, Effect, Effect, Effect, Effete, Effete, Effuse, Effuse, Effuse, Eiffel, Ex-wife, Eyeful, Eyeful, Faeces, Faerie, Faerie, Fakeer, Feeble, Feeble, Feeble, Feeble, Feebly, Feebly, Feed in, Feed on, Feeder, Feeder, Feeder, Feeder, Feeder, Feeder, Feeler, Feeler, Feeler, Feeler, Feifer, Feline, Feline, Feller, Feller, Felloe, Felted, Female, Female, Female, Female, Female, Fencer, Fender, Fender, Fender, Fender, Fennel, Fennel, Fennel, Fennel, Ferber, Ferine, Ferned, Ferret, Ferret, Ferret, Ferret, Ferret, Ferule, Fescue, Fester, Fester, Fetter, Fetter, Fettle, Fettle, Fewest, Fierce, Fierce, Fierce, Fierce, Fledge, Fledge, Fledge, Fleece, Fleece, Fleece, Fleece, Fleece, Fleece, Fleecy, Flense, Freely, Freeze, Freeze, Freeze, Freeze, Freeze, Freeze, Freeze, Freeze, Freeze, Freeze, Freeze, Freeze, Freeze, Freeze, Frieze, Frieze, Fueled, Heifer, Hereof, Keflex, Leafed, Prefer, Prefer, Prefer, Prefer, Q fever, Recife, Red eft, Reefer, Reface, Reface, Refine, Refine, Refine, Refine, Refine, Refine, Reflex, Reflex, Refuel, Refuel, Refuge, Refuge, Refuge, Refuge, Refuse, Refuse, Refuse, Refuse, Refuse, Refuse, Refuse, Refute, Refute, Relief, Relief, Relief, Relief, Relief, Relief, Relief, Relief, Relief, Relief, Relief, Tee off, Teeoff, Telfer, Toffee, Unfree, Unfree, Werfel,

5 Letter Words containing FEE: Beefy, Defer, Defer, Defoe, Feces, Fence, Fence, Fence, Fence, Fence, Fence, Fence, Fesse, Fever, Fever, Fewer, Fleer, Fleer, Fleer, Fleet, Fleet, Fleet, Fleet, Fleet, Fleet, Fleet, Fusee, Fusee, Fusee, Fusee, Fuzee, Fuzee, Fuzee, Reefy, Refer, Refer, Refer, Refer, Refer, Refer, Refer,

4 Letter Words containing FEE: Beef, Beef, Beef, Beef, Feed, Feed, Feed, Feed, Feed, Feed, Feed, Feed, Feed, Feed, Feed, Feed, Feel, Feel, Feel, Feel, Feel, Feel, Feel, Feel, Feel, Feel, Feel, Feel, Feel, Feel, Feel, Feel, Feel, Fete, Fete, Fete, Flee, Free, Free, Free, Free, Free, Free, Free, Free, Free, Free, Free, Free, Free, Free, Free, Free, Free, Free, Free, Free, Free, Free, Reef, Reef, Reef, Reef, Reef, Reef,

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