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Assign (v. t.): To appoint; to allot; to apportion; to make over.

Assign (v. t.): To fix, specify, select, or designate; to point out authoritatively or exactly; as, to assign a limit; to assign counsel for a prisoner; to assign a day for trial.

Assign (v. t.): To transfer, or make over to another, esp. to transfer to, and vest in, certain persons, called assignees, for the benefit of creditors.

Assign (v.): A thing pertaining or belonging to something else; an appurtenance.

Assign (n.): A person to whom property or an interest is transferred; as, a deed to a man and his heirs and assigns.

Assign (v): Select something or someone for a specific purpose

Assign (v): Attribute or credit to

Assign (v): Decide as to where something belongs in a scheme

Assign (v): Attribute or give

Assign (v): Transfer one's right to

Assign (v): Give out

Assign (v): Make undue claims to having

Assign (v): Give an assignment to (a person) to a post, or assign a task to

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11 Letter Words containing GSSIAN: Abiogenesis, Agnosticism, Agnosticism, Agranulosis, Anisogamous, Assassin bug, Assignation, Assignation, Astonishing, Astonishing, Atopognosis, Autogenesis, Cacogenesis, Casting lots, Diagnostics, Dishwashing, Disorganise, Displeasing, Dressmaking, Dyssynergia, Finger grass, Finger grass, Gainfulness, Genus acinos, Genus actias, Genus adonis, Genus alisma, Genus anguis, Genus anolis, Genus arabis, Genus arilus, Genus bassia, Genus cassia, Genus clusia, Genus costia, Genus elaeis, Genus idesia, Genus isatis, Genus lambis, Genus lanius, Genus limosa, Genus mantis, Genus mimosa, Genus oxalis, Genus phaius, Genus pistia, Genus rhapis, Genus sagina, Genus salvia, Genus sciara, Genus scilla, Genus sialia, Genus sialis, Genus silvia, Genus smilax, Genus stevia, Genus surnia, Genus tamias, Genus zoisia, Genus zoysia, Ghastliness, Giant hyssop, Glossinidae, Glossodynia, Grass-eating, Gross margin, Guine-bissau, Haughtiness, Hearing loss, Ignis fatuus, Ignis fatuus, King's ransom, Laryngismus, Lastingness, Logicalness, Manila grass, Mass meeting, Meaningless, Meaningless, Metagenesis, Mutagenesis, Naughtiness, Niggardness, Passing game, Passing note, Passing play, Passing shot, Passing tone, Ribbon grass, Ring disease, Ruling class, Sailing ship, Sale in gross, Salpingitis, Sanguineous, Sanguineous, Savings bank, Savings bank, Savings bond, Scat singing, Self-sealing, Self-sealing, Shaving soap, Signal/noise, Singularise, Sliding seat, Socialising, Soothsaying, Sour-tasting, Spring scale, St. augustine, St. augustine, Stabilising, Storm signal, Surf casting, Trespassing, Waggishness, Washing soda, Window glass,

10 Letter Words containing GSSIAN: Aggression, Aggression, Aggression, Aggression, Aggression, Albigenses, Argusianus, Assembling, Assignable, Assignment, Assignment, Assignment, Assignment, Assignment, Assignment, Canvassing, China grass, Degaussing, Flint glass, Gainlessly, Garishness, Garishness, Gas station, Genus abies, Genus acris, Genus aphis, Genus apios, Genus arius, Genus aspis, Genus batis, Genus canis, Genus grias, Genus manis, Genus naias, Genus paris, Genus rissa, Genus saiga, Genus salix, Genus samia, Genus sepia, Genus sitta, Glans penis, Graininess, Gram's stain, Grass finch, Grass finch, Grassfinch, Gravidness, Greasiness, Gymnastics, High season, King's spear, Panic grass, Reassuring, Satisfying, Satisfying, Shagginess, Shagginess, Singhalese, Singhalese, Singhalese, Singhalese, Slanginess, Smashingly, St. ignatius, String bass, Sugariness, Sugariness, Surpassing, Surpassing, Unassigned, Unassuming, Vaginismus,

9 Letter Words containing GSSIAN: Angriness, Assenting, Asserting, Assigning, Brass ring, Caressing, Diagnosis, Gaudiness, Gaudiness, Gawkiness, Genus apis, Genus asio, Genus disa, Genus sida, Glissando, Glissando, Grass pink, Grass pink, In passing, Isinglass, Manginess, Messaging, Poison gas, Seasoning, Seasoning, Signalise, Signalise, Signalise, Signalise, Splashing, Splashing, Staginess, Tanginess, Wineglass,

8 Letter Words containing GSSIAN: Agenesis, Assigned, Assignee, Assignor, Assuming, Assuring, Gaminess, Gaussian, Giantess, Glossina, Hastings, Hastings, Hastings, In stages, Lashings, Pin grass, Rassling, Reassign, Slashing, Smashing, Smashing, Star sign,

7 Letter Words containing GSSIAN: Gassing, Gassing, Glass in, Passing, Passing, Passing, Passing, Passing, Passing, Passing, Passing, Passing, Passing, Passing, Passing, Sassing, Savings, Sitsang,

5 Letter Scrabble word finder or Anagrams for Gssian and meanings

Sasin (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Gssian means: The Indian antelope (Antilope bezoartica, / cervicapra), noted for its beauty and swiftness. It has long, spiral, divergent horns. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Isnas

Scrabble word finder for sGsnia. Google scrabble cheat for Gssian. is an anagram answer for issaGn. Search engine Word puzzles for nisGsa. Gssian issGna, Gansis. Meaning of Gssian.

Tags: Anagram meaning of Gssian. anagram solver, meaning of Gssian. Found the meaning of Gssian? This page defines Gssian. anagrams from Gssian.

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