Meaning of Hdse, Anagram solver, Scrabble word finder Hdse?

Shed (n.): A slight or temporary structure built to shade or shelter something; a structure usually open in front; an outbuilding; a hut; as, a wagon shed; a wood shed.

Shed (imp. & p. p.): Of Shed

Shed (v. t.): To separate; to divide.

Shed (v. t.): To part with; to throw off or give forth from one's self; to emit; to diffuse; to cause to emanate or flow; to pour forth or out; to spill; as, the sun sheds light; she shed tears; the clouds shed rain.

Shed (v. t.): To let fall; to throw off, as a natural covering of hair, feathers, shell; to cast; as, fowls shed their feathers; serpents shed their skins; trees shed leaves.

Shed (v. t.): To cause to flow off without penetrating; as, a tight roof, or covering of oiled cloth, sheeds water.

Shed (v. t.): To sprinkle; to intersperse; to cover.

Shed (v. t.): To divide, as the warp threads, so as to form a shed, or passageway, for the shuttle.

Shed (v. i.): To fall in drops; to pour.

Shed (v. i.): To let fall the parts, as seeds or fruit; to throw off a covering or envelope.

Shed (n.): A parting; a separation; a division.

Shed (n.): The act of shedding or spilling; -- used only in composition, as in bloodshed.

Shed (n.): That which parts, divides, or sheds; -- used in composition, as in watershed.

Shed (n.): The passageway between the threads of the warp through which the shuttle is thrown, having a sloping top and bottom made by raising and lowering the alternate threads.

Shed (n): An outbuilding with a single story; used for shelter or storage

Shed (v): Cast off hair, skin, horn, or feathers

Shed (v): Get rid of

Shed (v): Cause or allow (a solid substance) to flow or run out or over

Shed (v): Pour out in drops or small quantities or as if in drops or small

Shed (a): Shed at an early stage of development

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9 Letter Words containing HDSE: Adar sheni, Anguished, Ash-blonde, Ashamedly, Awl-shaped, Bag-shaped, Bar-shaped, Birdhouse, Blemished, Blemished, Bloodshed, Bloodshed, Box-shaped, Burnished, Cadetship, Card-house, Cardhouse, Cavendish, Cheese dip, Cherished, Childless, Crash dive, Crash-dive, Crosshead, Crosshead, Cushioned, Dall sheep, Dark horse, Dark horse, Dasht-e-lut, Dawn horse, Death mask, Death seat, Death wish, Deathless, Deck-house, Deep south, Dehiscent, Delphinus, Delphinus, Desk phone, Devilfish, Devilfish, Devilfish, Diathesis, Didelphis, Discharge, Discharge, Discharge, Discharge, Discharge, Discharge, Discharge, Discharge, Discharge, Discharge, Discharge, Discharge, Discharge, Discharge, Discharge, Discharge, Discharge, Discharge, Discharge, Discharge, Dish towel, Dishonest, Dishonest, Dishtowel, Dishwater, Disk cache, Disk shape, Dog sleigh, Dollhouse, Dollhouse, Dope sheet, Dosshouse, Drawshave, Dray horse, Drayhorse, Dress ship, Dress shop, Dust sheet, Dyschezia, Dyushambe, Ear-shaped, Eel-shaped, Egg-shaped, Eldership, Ex-husband, Exhausted, Exhausted, Exhausted, Eyeshadow, Falsehood, Falsehood, Fan-shaped, Fashioned, Fig-shaped, Fresh food, Furnished, Gas holder, Ghost weed, Gumshield, Hair slide, Ham-fisted, Handiness, Handiness, Handshake, Handspike, Hard sauce, Hard steel, Hard times, Hard-nosed, Hardheads, Hardiness, Hardiness, Harnessed, Have words, Head crash, Head louse, Head nurse, Head start, Headdress, Headfirst, Headfirst, Headscarf, Headshake, Headspace, Headstall, Headstand, Headstock, Headstone, Headstone, Heartseed, Heaviside, Hedysarum, Hendiadys, Heraldist, Herodotus, Hideously, High-speed, Histidine, Historied, Hodoscope, Hold close, Home stand, Home study, Homestead, Homestead, Homestead, Homestead, Homewards, Hook-nosed, Horned asp, Horse-head, Horsehead, Horsehide, Horsepond, Horseweed, Horseweed, House dick, Household, Housemaid, Hoydenish, Hoydenism, Humidness, Hybridise, Hydrolise, Hydrolyse, Isherwood, Judgeship, Kikladhes, Lamp shade, Lampshade, Lead sheet, Leasehold, Lip-shaped, Methodism, Methodist, Methodist, Mishandle, Mishandle, Mustached, North side, Nourished, Odd hassel, Ogden nash, On the side, Opheodrys, Petri dish, Phasmidae, Published, Published, Push aside, Push aside, Ready cash, Refreshed, Rhodesian, River shad, Roadhouse, Rod-shaped, Rod-shaped, Sanhedrin, Say hey kid, Scheduled, Scheduler, Schleiden, Sea dahlia, Shadberry, Shade tree, Shadiness, Shadiness, Shakedown, Shakedown, Shakedown, Shakedown, Shared out, Sharp-eyed, Sharp-eyed, Sharp-eyed, Sharpened, Sharpened, Shattered, Shed blood, Shed blood, Sheepfold, Sheet bend, Sheffield, Sheikhdom, Sheldrake, Sheldrake, Sheltered, Shielding, Shielding, Shielding, Shore bird, Shore duty, Shorebird, Shoreward, Shortened, Shortened, Shortened, Shortened, Shriveled, Shriveled, Shriveled, Shuttered, Side chair, Side horse, Sidelight, Sight-read, Sightread, Sketch pad, Skinheads, Sleigh bed, Smothered, Smothered, Snake-head, Snakehead, Sound hole, South bend, South side, Spadefish, Spearhead, Spearhead, Spearhead, Spearhead, Speech day, Sphecidae, Sphenodon, Splotched, Squelched, Squinched, Stagehand, Stairhead, Stepchild, Stokehold, Stretched, Stretched, Studhorse, Sweep hand, Swellhead, Swineherd, Ted hughes, Thaddaeus, The absurd, The indies, Therapsid, Third base, Third base, Threshold, Threshold, Threshold, Threshold, Threshold, Toadshade, Turk's head, Unabashed, Unashamed, Unbrushed, Undershot, Unscathed, Unsheared, Unsheared, Unshelled, Unsighted, Urn-shaped, Varnished, Washed-out, Washed-out, Watershed, Watershed, Watershed, Whiskered, Whispered, Wild horse, Wild sheep, Wished-for, Wodehouse,

8 Letter Words containing HDSE: Adhesion, Adhesion, Adhesion, Adhesion, Adhesive, Adhesive, Asphodel, Bed sheet, Charades, Chiseled, Cow's head, Dealfish, Deanship, Demolish, Demolish, Demolish, Demolish, Despatch, Despatch, Despatch, Despatch, Despatch, Devilish, Devilish, Devilish, Dishevel, Dishware, Dog house, Doghouse, Doghouse, Dress hat, Druthers, Due south, Dushanbe, Enmeshed, Enshroud, Eyeshade, Famished, Fiendish, Finished, Finished, Finished, Finished, Finished, Handless, Handless, Handrest, Handsewn, Handsome, Handsome, Harassed, Hard news, Hard sell, Hardness, Hardness, Hardness, Hardness, Hardness, Hash head, Head shop, Head smut, Headfast, Headfish, Headless, Headless, Headrest, Headrest, Headsail, Headship, Headship, Headshot, Headshot, Headshot, Headsman, Hebrides, Hedonism, Hedonism, Hedonist, Heedless, Heedless, Hell dust, Help desk, Helpdesk, Herdsman, Hillside, Hogshead, Hogshead, Hose down, Housedog, Hushed-up, Keeshond, Lens hood, Madhouse, Masthead, Masthead, Masthead, Pheidias, Physidae, Polished, Polished, Polished, Polished, Potsherd, Punished, Ram's-head, Red shift, Redbrush, Redhorse, Redshank, Redshift, Rhagades, Rhodesia, Safehold, Schedule, Schedule, Schedule, Schedule, Scorched, Scorched, Semihard, Sephardi, Serfhood, Set ahead, Shackled, Shade off, Shadowed, Shadower, She-devil, Sheathed, Shedding, Shedding, Sheep dip, Sheep dog, Sheep ked, Sheepdog, Sheikdom, Shelduck, Shepherd, Shepherd, Shepherd, Shepherd, Sheridan, Sherwood, Shetland, Shetland, Shielded, Shielder, Shipside, Shithead, Shoebird, Shoulder, Shoulder, Shoulder, Shoulder, Shoulder, Shoulder, Shoulder, Shoulder, Shredded, Shredder, Shrewdly, Shrieked, Shuddery, Side dish, Sideshow, Sideshow, Skinhead, Skinhead, Smoothed, Sod house, Sondheim, Sorehead, Sphecoid, Sphenoid, Spheroid, Splashed, Splashed, Squashed, Staghead, Stendhal, Stephead, Stitched, Sulphide, Sunshade, Sunshade, Sydenham, Ted shawn, Toolshed, Unshaded, Unshaded, Unshaped, Unshared, Unshaved, Unwashed, Unwashed, Unwished, Vanished, Washed-up, Woodshed,

7 Letter Words containing HDSE: Abashed, Ashamed, Brushed, Brushed, Brushed, Cowshed, Crushed, Crushed, Dachsie, Dasheen, Dasheen, Dasheen, Dehisce, Dervish, Duchess, Flushed, Flushed, H-shaped, Had best, Handset, Hayseed, Head sea, Heads-up, Heads-up, Headset, Hideous, Hideous, Hurdles, L-shaped, Reddish, Redfish, Redfish, Redfish, Rushdie, S-shaped, Saphead, Scheldt, Shad roe, Shagged, Shaheed, Sheared, Sheared, Shedder, Shelled, Shepard, Shepard, Shocked, Shodden, Shouted, Shudder, Shudder, Shudder, Shudder, Sighted, Slashed, Slashed, Slashed, Sloshed, Smashed, Subhead, Swedish, Swedish, T-shaped, Threads, U-shaped, Unshoed, V-shaped, W-shaped, Y-shaped,

6 Letter Words containing HDSE: Bushed, Cashed, Chased, Dashed, Depths, Dished, Hesiod, Hushed, Hyades, Meshed, Meshed, Meshed, Red ash, Rhodes, Rhodes, Rushed, Shaded, Shaded, Shades, Shades, Shamed, Shamed, Shaped, Shaped, Shared, Shared, Shaved, Shield, Shield, Shield, Shield, Shield, Shrewd, Shrewd, Washed, Washed,

5 Letter Words containing HDSE: Hades, Hades, Sadhe, Shade, Shade, Shade, Shade, Shade, Shade, Shade, Shade, Shade, Shade, Shade, Shade, Shade, Shade, Sherd, Shoed, Shred, Shred, Shred,

3 Letter Scrabble word finder and anagram solver for Hdse and meanings

She (obj.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Hdse means: A woman; a female; -- used substantively. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Hes
Edh (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Hdse means: The name of the Anglo-Saxon letter /, capital form /. It is sounded as "English th in a similar word: //er, other, d//, doth." Anagram or scrabble meaning of Hed
She (obj.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Hdse means: This or that female; the woman understood or referred to; the animal of the female sex, or object personified as feminine, which was spoken of. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Hes

Scrabble word finder for dHse. Google scrabble cheat for Hdse. is an anagram answer for sdHe. Search engine Word puzzles for sedH. Hdse seHd, Heds. Meaning of Hdse.

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