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Fail (v. i.): To be wanting; to fall short; to be or become deficient in any measure or degree up to total absence; to cease to be furnished in the usual or expected manner, or to be altogether cut off from supply; to be lacking; as, streams fail; crops fail.

Fail (v. i.): To be affected with want; to come short; to lack; to be deficient or unprovided; -- used with of.

Fail (v. i.): To fall away; to become diminished; to decline; to decay; to sink.

Fail (v. i.): To deteriorate in respect to vigor, activity, resources, etc.; to become weaker; as, a sick man fails.

Fail (v. i.): To perish; to die; -- used of a person.

Fail (v. i.): To be found wanting with respect to an action or a duty to be performed, a result to be secured, etc.; to miss; not to fulfill expectation.

Fail (v. i.): To come short of a result or object aimed at or desired ; to be baffled or frusrated.

Fail (v. i.): To err in judgment; to be mistaken.

Fail (v. i.): To become unable to meet one's engagements; especially, to be unable to pay one's debts or discharge one's business obligation; to become bankrupt or insolvent.

Fail (v. t.): To be wanting to ; to be insufficient for; to disappoint; to desert.

Fail (v. t.): To miss of attaining; to lose.

Fail (v. i.): Miscarriage; failure; deficiency; fault; -- mostly superseded by failure or failing, except in the phrase without fail.

Fail (v. i.): Death; decease.

Fail (v): Get worse

Fail (v): Stop operating or functioning

Fail (v): Prove insufficient

Fail (v): Disappoint, prove undependable to; abandon, forsake

Fail (v): Become bankrupt or insolvent; fail financially and close

Fail (v): Fall short in what is expected

Fail (v): Fail to get a passing grade

Fail (v): Judge unacceptable

Fail (v): Be unsuccessful

Fail (v): Fail to do something; leave something undone

Fail (v): Be unable

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9 Letter Words containing LAIF: Affiliate, Affiliate, Affiliate, Affiliate, Afflicted, Afflicted, Aflatoxin, Afterlife, Air filter, Air-filled, Alfilaria, Alfileria, Alpine fir, Amplifier, Angelfish, Angelfish, Angelfish, Animal fat, April fool, April fool, Areflexia, Avifaunal, Backfield, Ball field, Balsam fir, Bas relief, Beautiful, Beautiful, Bible leaf, Bifoliate, Blackfish, Blackfish, Blackfish, Blanc fixe, Box family, Caddis fly, Caddis-fly, Calorific, Caudal fin, Chafflike, Chair lift, Chairlift, Claim form, Cliftonia, Coal-fired, Coalfield, Decalcify, Decalcify, Defiantly, Definable, Deflation, Deflation, Deflation, Defoliant, Defoliate, Defoliate, Difflugia, Dorsal fin, Edible fat, Elm family, En famille, Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Facsimile, Facsimile, Facsimile, Factorial, Factorial, Faddishly, Faecalith, Fairy bell, Fairy tale, Fairy tale, Fairyland, Fairyland, Fairytale, Fairytale, Faithless, Falangist, Falciform, Falconine, Fallopius, False hair, Falsifier, Faltering, Faltering, Family man, Fanatical, Fascicule, Fault line, Felis onca, Fellation, Fence rail, Feudalism, Feudalize, Fictional, Fictional, Field balm, Field balm, Field bean, Field game, Field goal, Field goal, Field hand, Fieldfare, Fieldhand, Fieldsman, Filaggrin, Filiation, Filiation, Filicales, Filicinae, Fill again, Fillagree, Film maker, Filmmaker, Final exam, Financial, Find fault, Fire alarm, Fire alarm, Fireplace, First half, First lady, First lady, Fish eagle, Fish scale, Fishplate, Fistulate, Fistulina, Flakiness, Flakiness, Flame fish, Flamefish, Flaminius, Flat solid, Flavonoid, Flavoring, Flinthead, Flip chart, Flippancy, Floridian, Flotation, Flotation, Flow of air, Fluid dram, Fluid dram, Fly agaric, Flying cat, Flying cat, Fogsignal, Foliation, Foliation, Foliation, Foliation, Foliation, Folic acid, Foliolate, For a while, Forficula, Formalise, Formalise, Formalism, Formalism, Formalism, Formality, Formality, Formality, Formalize, Formalize, Formulaic, Fossorial, Fragility, Fragility, Frailness, Frangible, Friesland, Friesland, Fringilla, Frugality, Fulminant, Fulminate, Fulminate, Fulminate, Fulminate, Funicular, Funicular, Furnivall, Fusillade, Fusillade, Gainfully, Gas-filled, Half hitch, Half snipe, Half title, Half-light, Half-price, Hifalutin, Ineffable, Ineffable, Ineffably, Infantile, Infantile, Infantile, Inflaming, Inflation, Inflation, Inflation, Inflation, Influenza, Interleaf, Isle of man, Ivy family, Lactifuge, Laticifer, Lay figure, Leaf miner, Leaf-miner, Left brain, Life class, Life saver, Life-of-man, Lifeguard, Lifesaver, Lifesaver, Line of gab, Liverleaf, Lucifugal, Mail fraud, Mali franc, Mansfield, Mansfield, Masefield, Milk float, Nafcillin, Nightfall, Of all time, Olfaction, Olfactive, Oriflamme, Oriflamme, Ovoflavin, Painfully, Painfully, Paint leaf, Pea family, Pearl-fish, Pearlfish, Pilferage, Plaintiff, Plant life, Praiseful, Qualified, Qualified, Qualified, Qualified, Qualified, Qualifier, Qualifier, Raffishly, Rail fence, Rauvolfia, Rauwolfia, Rauwolfia, Reflation, Relief map, Rifle ball, Rijstafel, Rue family, Ruffianly, Saint olaf, Satin leaf, Satinleaf, Semifinal, Snailfish, Staff line, Subfamily, Surficial, Syllabify, Tadalafil, Tallchief, Taper file, Tea family, Tidal flow, Tofieldia, Twin falls, Twin falls, Unfailing, Unfailing, Unfailing, Unifacial, Union flag, Unpainful, Viola clef, Wafer-like, Way of life, Welfarist, White flag, Yam family, Yew family, Zinfandel, Zinfandel,

8 Letter Words containing LAIF: Aerofoil, Afebrile, Affixial, Aflicker, Air rifle, Airfield, Alkalify, All-fired, All-fired, Baffling, Balefire, Basinful, Bifacial, Bifocals, Calcific, Calfskin, Call fire, Canfield, Classify, Classify, Classify, Craftily, Cup final, Daffodil, Data file, Dealfish, Defilade, Enfilade, Enfilade, Fabulist, Face lift, Face lift, Face veil, Face-lift, Facelift, Facelift, Facially, Facility, Facility, Facility, Facility, Facility, Fail-safe, Fail-safe, Fail-safe, Fair ball, Fair deal, Fairlead, Faithful, Faithful, Faithful, Faithful, Faithful, Falchion, Fall into, Fallible, Fallible, Fallopio, Familial, Familial, Familiar, Familiar, Familiar, Familiar, Familiar, Familiar, Familiar, Fanciful, Fanciful, Fanciful, Fang-like, Fanlight, Fanlight, Fanlight, Farcical, Farm bill, Farm girl, Fascicle, Fascicle, Fasciola, Fatalism, Fatalism, Fatalist, Fatalist, Fatality, Fatality, Fatty oil, Faultily, Faulting, Fauteuil, Fawn lily, Feasible, Feasibly, Fecalith, Fellatio, Festival, Festival, Fiducial, Fiducial, Fiducial, Field day, Field day, Field day, Field day, Field pea, Field pea, Field pea, Fife rail, Filagree, Filament, Filament, Filament, Filament, Filarial, Filariid, Filature, File away, File away, File name, Filename, Film star, Film-make, Filmable, Filtrate, Filtrate, Fin whale, Finagler, Final cut, Finalise, Finalist, Finality, Finalize, Fineable, Fire opal, Fire sale, Fire sale, Fireball, Fireball, Fireball, Fireball, Fireclay, Firewall, Firewall, Firewall, Fiscally, Fish ball, Fish ball, Fish loaf, Fish meal, Fishtail, Fistular, Flabbily, Flagfish, Flagging, Flagging, Flagging, Flagship, Flagship, Flamingo, Flapping, Flashily, Flashily, Flashing, Flashing, Flat file, Flat tire, Flatfish, Flatfish, Flatiron, Flautist, Flaxedil, Flea bite, Flea bite, Flim-flam, Flimflam, Flindosa, Flip-flap, Flippant, Floating, Floating, Floating, Floating, Floating, Floating, Flotilla, Flotilla, Fluidram, Fluidram, Focalise, Focalise, Focalise, Focalise, Focalize, Focalize, Focalize, Focalize, Foliaged, Foliated, Foliated, Foresail, Formalin, Franklin, Franklin, Franklin, Fraulein, Freemail, Freetail, Friulian, Gaffsail, Garfield, Gasfield, Half life, Half mile, Half-life, Half-pint, Half-size, Half-slip, Half-time, Half-time, Halftime, Hayfield, Hipflask, Id al-fitr, Ill-famed, Ill-fated, In a flash, Infernal, Infernal, Infernal, Infernal, Infernal, Infernal, Inflamed, Inflamed, Inflamed, Inflated, Inflated, Inflater, Inflator, Informal, Informal, Informal, Informal, Khalifah, Ladyfish, Landfill, Lapidify, Leaf soil, Leaf-like, Leaflike, Life mask, Life raft, Lifeboat, Lifehack, Lifespan, Liftgate, Main file, Manifold, Manifold, Manifold, Manifold, Manifold, Manifold, Nailfile, Official, Official, Official, Official, Official, Official, Official, Olfersia, Rainfall, Real life, Rifleman, Rifleman, Sailfish, Sailfish, Salafism, Salvific, Shinleaf, Soap film, Swap file, T-bar lift, Taffrail, Tofranil, Unfairly, Unifilar, Windfall, Windfall, Wing flat, X-ray film,

7 Letter Words containing LAIF: A trifle, Affinal, Affixal, Afflict, Afflict, Air flow, Airflow, Airfoil, Airlift, Airlift, Al-asifa, Alewife, Alewife, Aliform, Amplify, Amplify, Amplify, Amplify, Bailiff, Bifilar, Bifocal, Calcify, Calcify, Calcify, Calcify, Clarify, Clarify, Faddily, Failing, Failing, Failing, Failure, Failure, Failure, Failure, Failure, Failure, Failure, Faintly, Falling, Falling, Falling, Falsify, Falsify, Falsify, Falsify, Falsify, Falsity, Falsity, Fan mail, Fanlike, Fantail, Fee tail, Fee-tail, Felicia, Felidae, Fig leaf, Fig leaf, Figural, Filaree, Filaria, Filaria, Filiate, Finable, Finagle, Finally, Finally, Finally, Finical, Finland, Fistula, Fistula, Flaccid, Flaccid, Flaming, Flaming, Flaming, Flaring, Fleapit, Florida, Fluvial, Folacin, Foliage, Foliage, Foliate, Foliate, Foliate, Foliate, Foliate, Foliate, Foliate, Foliate, Foxtail, Fragile, Fragile, Fragile, Frailty, Frailty, Friable, Gainful, Half-wit, Half-wit, Halifax, Icefall, Ill fame, Inflame, Inflame, Inflame, Inflame, Inflame, Inflate, Inflate, Inflate, Inflate, Inflate, Laffite, Lafitte, Laid-off, Law firm, Leafing, Liftman, Loafing, Malefic, Mid-calf, Pailful, Painful, Painful, Painful, Painful, Pitfall, Pitfall, Qualify, Qualify, Qualify, Qualify, Qualify, Qualify, Qualify, Rail off, Rainfly, Salsify, Salsify, Salsify, Tail fin, Tail fin, Tail fin, Tailfin, Tailfin, Ulfilas, Wailful, Wolffia, Wulfila,

6 Letter Words containing LAIF: Afield, Afield, Afield, Afl-cio, Facial, Facial, Facial, Facial, Facile, Facile, Facile, Faille, Fairly, Fairly, Fairly, Faisal, Fall in, Fall in, Fall in, Falsie, Family, Family, Family, Family, Family, Family, Family, Family, Ferial, Fibula, Filago, Filial, Filial, Finale, Finale, Finale, Finial, Fiscal, Flavin, Fulani, Fulani, Fulica, Khalif, Nafcil, Olaf ii, Pilaff, Ulfila,

5 Letter Words containing LAIF: Calif, Calif., Filar, Final, Final, Final, Final, Final, Flail, Flail, Flail, Flair, Flair, Flair, Frail, Frail, Frail, Frail, Frail, Kalif, Pilaf,

3 Letter Scrabble word finder and anagram solver for Laif and meanings

Lif (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Laif means: The fiber by which the petioles of the date palm are bound together, from which various kinds of cordage are made. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Ifl
Ail (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Laif means: Indisposition or morbid affection. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Lai
Ail (v. i.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Laif means: To be affected with pain or uneasiness of any sort; to be ill or indisposed or in trouble. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Ial
Ail (v. t.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Laif means: To affect with pain or uneasiness, either physical or mental; to trouble; to be the matter with; -- used to express some uneasiness or affection, whose cause is unknown; as, what ails the man? I know not what ails him. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Lia
Fil () an anagram and scrabble cheat for Laif means: imp. of Fall, v. i. Fell. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Fli

Scrabble word finder for Lfai. Google scrabble cheat for Laif. is an anagram answer for ifLa. Search engine Word puzzles for aLfi. Laif Lfia, ifLa. Meaning of Laif.

Tags: Anagram meaning of Laif. anagram solver, meaning of Laif. Found the meaning of Laif? This page defines Laif. anagrams from Laif.

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