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Lope (imp.): Of Leap.

Lope (v. i.): To leap; to dance.

Lope (v. i.): To move with a lope, as a horse.

Lope (n.): A leap; a long step.

Lope (n.): An easy gait, consisting of long running strides or leaps.

Olpe (n.): Originally, a leather flask or vessel for oils or liquids; afterward, an earthenware vase or pitcher without a spout.

Pole (n.): A native or inhabitant of Poland; a Polander.

Pole (n.): A long, slender piece of wood; a tall, slender piece of timber; the stem of a small tree whose branches have been removed; as, specifically: (a) A carriage pole, a wooden bar extending from the front axle of a carriage between the wheel horses, by which the carriage is guided and held back. (b) A flag pole, a pole on which a flag is supported. (c) A Maypole. See Maypole. (d) A barber's pole, a pole painted in stripes, used as a sign by barbers and hairdressers. (e) A pole on which climbing beans, hops, or other vines, are trained.

Pole (n.): A measuring stick; also, a measure of length equal to 5/ yards, or a square measure equal to 30/ square yards; a rod; a perch.

Pole (v. t.): To furnish with poles for support; as, to pole beans or hops.

Pole (v. t.): To convey on poles; as, to pole hay into a barn.

Pole (v. t.): To impel by a pole or poles, as a boat.

Pole (v. t.): To stir, as molten glass, with a pole.

Pole (n.): Either extremity of an axis of a sphere; especially, one of the extremities of the earth's axis; as, the north pole.

Pole (n.): A point upon the surface of a sphere equally distant from every part of the circumference of a great circle; or the point in which a diameter of the sphere perpendicular to the plane of such circle meets the surface. Such a point is called the pole of that circle; as, the pole of the horizon; the pole of the ecliptic; the pole of a given meridian.

Pole (n.): One of the opposite or contrasted parts or directions in which a polar force is manifested; a point of maximum intensity of a force which has two such points, or which has polarity; as, the poles of a magnet; the north pole of a needle.

Pole (n.): The firmament; the sky.

Pole (n.): See Polarity, and Polar, n.

Lope (n): A smooth three-beat gait; between a trot and a gallop

Lope (n): A slow pace of running

Lope (v): Run easily

Opel (n): German industrialist who was the first in Germany to use an asse

Pole (n): A long (usually round) rod of wood or metal or plastic

Pole (n): One of the two ends of a magnet where the magnetism seems to be

Pole (n): A long fiberglass sports implement used for pole vaulting

Pole (n): A contact on an electrical device (such as a battery) at which e

Pole (n): One of two divergent or mutually exclusive opinions

Pole (n): One of two antipodal points where the Earth's axis of rotation i

Pole (n): One of two points of intersection of the Earth's axis and the ce

Pole (n): A native or inhabitant of Poland

Pole (n): A square rod of land

Pole (n): A linear measure of 16.5 feet

Pole (v): Deoxidize molten metals by stirring them with a wooden pole

Pole (v): Support on poles

Pole (v): Propel with a pole

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9 Letter Words containing LOPE: A couple of, Acropetal, Adoptable, Aerophile, Aeroplane, Agape love, Aleph-zero, Allophone, Allotrope, Alopiidae, Amphibole, Aneuploid, Anopheles, Apeldoorn, Apetalous, Apologise, Apologise, Apologize, Apologize, Aposelene, Applewood, Apposable, Asklepios, Barge pole, Basophile, Bed pillow, Belly flop, Belly whop, Belly-flop, Blood type, Blue point, Blue point, Blue poppy, Bluepoint, Bluepoint, Bolster up, Bookplate, Bottlecap, C compiler, Capreolus, Cell phone, Cellphone, Choloepus, Cleopatra, Click open, Clove pink, Clozapine, Cold spell, Coliphage, Collotype, Colpocele, Comb-plate, Completed, Completed, Completed, Complexly, Copolymer, Coprolite, Corporeal, Corporeal, Corpulent, Corpuscle, Corpuscle, Coup d'oeil, Cover slip, Cupflower, Cupflower, Cyclopean, Dado plane, Deep-lobed, Depilator, Depletion, Depletion, Despoiled, Despoiler, Developed, Developed, Developed, Developer, Developer, Dial phone, Dip solder, Diplomate, Diplotene, Dog paddle, Doorplate, Downslope, Drop a line, Dyspnoeal, Ectoplasm, Ectoplasm, Ellipsoid, Ellipsoid, Elopement, Emily post, Endolymph, Endoplasm, Epilation, Epilation, Epilobium, Episcopal, Episcopal, Epoxy glue, Espagnole, Exploited, Exploited, Exploiter, Explosion, Explosion, Explosion, Explosion, Explosion, Explosion, Explosion, Explosive, Explosive, Explosive, Explosive, Expulsion, Expulsion, Expulsion, Field crop, Field-crop, Flophouse, Flowerpot, Foot pedal, Footplate, Force play, Fore plane, Galeopsis, Geophilus, Go to sleep, Gold plate, Gold plate, Gold plate, Gold-plate, Golden cup, Golden pea, Goldplate, Goose plum, Gospeller, Gyroplane, Halophile, Halophyte, Haplotype, Heliopsis, Heliotype, Hell to pay, Hemophile, Holophyte, Holy place, Home plate, Homophile, Homophile, Hop clover, Hop clover, Hopefully, Hopefully, Horseplay, Hotel plan, Hyperbola, Hyperbole, Interlope, James polk, Jap clover, Keogh plan, Lake poets, Lamp house, Lamphouse, Lampooner, Layperson, Leakproof, Leiopelma, Lemon drop, Lemon peel, Lemon peel, Leporidae, Leptotene, Lipectomy, Lipo-hepin, Liver spot, Liverpool, Lodgepole, Long plane, Lophiidae, Lopressor, Lorazepam, Loud pedal, Love apple, Low-priced, Lung-power, Lymph node, Lyric poem, Melospiza, Melpomene, Micropyle, Mole plant, Mole plant, Monoplane, Mop handle, Moxie plum, Napoleon i, Nemophila, Neoplasia, Nephology, Neuropile, Newel post, Nilpotent, Nolle pros, Nonpareil, Nonpareil, Nonpareil, Nonpareil, Nonplused, North pole, Oenophile, Old person, Omelet pan, Operculum, Opiliones, Opposable, Opulently, Oral phase, Orlop deck, Oversleep, Overspill, Overspill, Paddle box, Paddle-box, Pademelon, Paleocene, Paleolith, Paleology, Paleozoic, Paleozoic, Palo verde, Paloverde, Panoplied, Panoplied, Paper doll, Paper gold, Paper loss, Papillose, Parcel out, Parhelion, Paso doble, Paso doble, Pastorale, Patent log, Patroller, Peanut oil, Pearl sago, Pearlwort, Peculator, Pedophile, Pelecypod, Pelecypod, Pellitory, Pellitory, Pelt along, Penal code, Pencil box, Pendulous, Pennoncel, Pensacola, Pentothal, Pepsi cola, Percolate, Percolate, Percolate, Percolate, Percolate, Percolate, Percolate, Perigonal, Periploca, Permalloy, Personnel, Personnel, Petiolule, Petrogale, Petroleum, Petrology, Phalarope, Phaseolus, Philohela, Phone bill, Phone call, Phone line, Phone plug, Photocell, Phylogeny, Pilosella, Pilotless, Pin clover, Pinealoma, Pistoleer, Piteously, Place down, Placoderm, Planetoid, Plank over, Plate iron, Played out, Played out, Playhouse, Plenteous, Pleonaste, Plethodon, Plethoric, Pleurotus, Ploceidae, Plow ahead, Plow horse, Plowshare, Pocatello, Pocketful, Poeciliid, Poenology, Point lace, Pointedly, Pointless, Pointless, Pointless, Polar bear, Polar hare, Polar zone, Pole horse, Pole horse, Pole vault, Polemical, Police car, Police dog, Police van, Policeman, Politesse, Poll taker, Pollenate, Pollinate, Pollucite, Polonaise, Polyamide, Polychete, Polyergus, Polyester, Polyester, Polyester, Polygenic, Polymeric, Polynesia, Polyphase, Polyphone, Polythene, Pomace fly, Pond apple, Pond apple, Poodle dog, Pool table, Poor devil, Pop bottle, Popliteal, Populated, Porbeagle, Porcelain, Porcellio, Pork belly, Postulate, Postulate, Postulate, Postulate, Pot likker, Potboiler, Potential, Potential, Potential, Potential, Potholder, Pouchlike, Poulterer, Power line, Power loom, Power play, Power play, Power play, Power tool, Powerless, Precocial, Precooled, Preschool, Press lord, Pretorial, Profanely, Profanely, Profusely, Prolamine, Prolepsis, Prologise, Prologize, Prolonged, Prolonged, Propeller, Propellor, Propylene, Proselyte, Proteales, Provencal, Provencal, Proventil, Pterocles, Ptolemaic, Ptolemaic, Ptolemy ii, Puppy love, Pureblood, Pureblood, Purposely, Puzzle out, Pyelogram, Range pole, Rattle-top, Re-explore, Redevelop, Redevelop, Redevelop, Repletion, Repletion, Reposeful, Repulsion, Repulsion, Repulsion, Ridgepole, Ripe olive, Rock maple, Rose apple, Rose apple, Saprolite, Scalloped, Sellotape, Sellotape, Sepiolite, Sheepfold, Shop clerk, Showplace, Sicklepod, Sicklepod, Simpleton, Sleep over, Sleepover, Slip noose, Slipcover, Slop chest, Sloppy joe, Soft pedal, Soft-pedal, Solar apex, Someplace, Sophocles, Sorb apple, Sorb apple, Soup ladle, Soup plate, South pole, Spelldown, Spill over, Spill over, Spillover, Spilogale, Spirodela, Splendour, Splendour, Splotched, Spoilable, Spoilable, Spongefly, Sporulate, Sporulate, Step stool, Stockpile, Stockpile, Stockpile, Stoppable, Superload, Tea parlor, Telephone, Telephone, Telephone, Telephony, Telephoto, Telescope, Telescope, Telescope, Telescopy, Telophase, Telophase, Test pilot, Totem pole, Toy poodle, Two-lipped, Uncoupled, Unhopeful, Unpeopled, Unspoiled, Unspoiled, Upholster, Water polo, Well point, Wellpoint, Welsh pony, Whole step, Wiley post, Will power, Willpower, Workplace, Xerophile, Xylophone, Yellow pea,

8 Letter Words containing LOPE: Aegilops, Al capone, Alopecia, Alopecic, Antelope, Antilope, Aphelion, Apolemia, Apologue, Apoplexy, Appleton, Appleton, Asphodel, B complex, Blowpipe, Blowpipe, Bottle up, Box pleat, Calliope, Calliope, Camelpox, Cape aloe, Capriole, Capriole, Capriole, Capriole, Cesspool, Chemulpo, Chipotle, Cobble up, Colaptes, Collapse, Collapse, Collapse, Collapse, Collapse, Collapse, Collapse, Collapse, Collapse, Collapse, Collapse, Compiler, Compiler, Complect, Complete, Complete, Complete, Complete, Complete, Complete, Complete, Complete, Complete, Complete, Compline, Copaline, Copalite, Copulate, Coral pea, Couple on, Couple up, Cup morel, Cyclopes, Decouple, Decouple, Decouple, Decouple, Deed poll, Depilous, Dolled up, Double up, Double up, Double up, Dowel pin, Drop keel, Drop line, Drop-leaf, Dropline, Elbow pad, Elopidae, Employed, Employed, Employee, Employer, Enophile, Envelope, Envelope, Envelope, Envelope, Envelope, Envelope, Epilator, Epilogue, Epilogue, Escallop, Escallop, Escallop, Escallop, Espousal, Espousal, Espousal, Estoppel, Exit poll, Exploded, Explorer, Explorer, Fall open, Fire opal, Flagpole, Flagpole, Flip over, Flue stop, Folk poet, Foreplay, Fowl pest, Glory pea, Gobble up, Gospeler, Heliport, Hold open, Holotype, Home help, Hop field, Hopeless, Hopeless, Hopeless, Hopeless, Hot plate, Hot spell, Hotplate, Impolite, Interpol, Isopleth, Jalapeno, Jalapeno, Kelpwort, Laportea, Leapfrog, Leapfrog, Leapfrog, Leapfrog, Lepidote, Leporide, Levodopa, Linotype, Liopelma, Lip rouge, Liposome, Live up to, Lockstep, Lockstep, Logotype, Loop-line, Loophole, Loophole, Loosen up, Loosen up, Loosen up, Loosen up, Loosen up, Lop-eared, Lopsided, Lopsided, Loxapine, Lycopene, Malposed, Megaflop, Milepost, Napoleon, Napoleon, Napoleon, Neon lamp, Neoplasm, Neuropil, Oak apple, Oilpaper, Opalesce, Opalesce, Opaquely, Open-plan, Openbill, Operable, Operable, Operable, Opulence, Ovalipes, Overleap, Overleap, Overleap, Overplay, Overplus, Palaemon, Palmetto, Palometa, Pea flour, Pectoral, Pectoral, Pectoral, Pedology, Peephole, Peliosis, Penelope, Penelope, Penology, Penoncel, Perilous, Peroneal, Personal, Personal, Personal, Personal, Personal, Personal, Pesthole, Petaloid, Petalous, Phenolic, Philemon, Philemon, Philemon, Pholidae, Phyllode, Pilewort, Pilotage, Pilotage, Pine vole, Pinochle, Pipe bowl, Playgoer, Plecotus, Plectron, Pleonasm, Plethora, Pliocene, Plot line, Ploughed, Plughole, Pluviose, Poephila, Poetical, Poetical, Pointrel, Polarise, Polarise, Polarise, Polarize, Polarize, Polarize, Pole bean, Pole jump, Pole star, Polemics, Polemise, Polemist, Polemize, Polestar, Polished, Polished, Polished, Polished, Polisher, Polistes, Politely, Pollster, Polluted, Polluter, Polo-neck, Polygene, Polypore, Polysemy, Ponselle, Popsicle, Populace, Populate, Populate, Portable, Portable, Portable, Porthole, Porthole, Possible, Possible, Possible, Possible, Post hole, Posthole, Postlude, Pot metal, Pot metal, Potbelly, Potbelly, Potently, Potholed, Potholer, Poulette, Poultice, Poultice, Power law, Powerful, Powerful, Powerful, Powerful, Powerful, Powerful, Premolar, Prilosec, Pro-lifer, Probable, Probable, Probable, Prolapse, Prolapse, Prologue, Prolonge, Propenal, Properly, Properly, Properly, Prostyle, Proteles, Provable, Psoralea, Ptolemy i, Pull over, Pullover, Pure gold, Redeploy, Rely upon, Reproval, Roleplay, Ropewalk, Sapropel, Sepaloid, Shop bell, Ski slope, Sleep off, Sleep out, Slipover, Slowpoke, Soil pipe, Spell out, Spell out, Spell out, Sperm oil, Spiel off, Spike oil, Splendor, Splendor, Spoilage, Spoilage, Spoilage, Spot weld, Spot-weld, Spot-weld, Spotless, Spotweld, Symploce, Tabletop, Teleport, Temporal, Temporal, Temporal, Temporal, Temporal, Temporal, Teraflop, Tholepin, Trollope, Uncouple, Unplowed, Unsloped, Upholder, Walloper, Walloper, Walloper, Woodpile,

7 Letter Words containing LOPE: Ampoule, Apolune, Apostle, Apostle, Apostle, Bellhop, Blooper, Close up, Close up, Close up, Close up, Close up, Closeup, Compile, Compile, Compile, Complex, Complex, Complex, Complex, Complex, Complex, Coupled, Coupled, Coupler, Couplet, Couplet, Deplore, Deplore, Despoil, Despoil, Develop, Develop, Develop, Develop, Develop, Develop, Develop, Develop, Develop, Develop, Develop, Develop, Develop, Develop, Develop, Develop, Develop, Develop, Develop, Develop, Develop, Doppler, Droplet, Eelpout, Eelpout, Envelop, Epochal, Epsilon, Europol, Explode, Explode, Explode, Explode, Explode, Explode, Explode, Explode, Explode, Explode, Exploit, Exploit, Exploit, Exploit, Explore, Explore, Explore, Explore, Fly open, Fuel pod, Gospels, Help out, Hop pole, Hopeful, Hopeful, Hopeful, Implode, Implore, Lacepod, Leap out, Leap out, Leopard, Leopard, Lepanto, Lepiota, Lepomis, Leporid, Leprose, Leprosy, Leprous, Liriope, Lobipes, Louse up, Maypole, Nonuple, Nopalea, Octuple, Opaline, Opalise, Opalise, Opalize, Opalize, Opulent, Overlap, Overlap, Overlap, Overlap, Overlap, Overlip, Palermo, Pallone, Pamelor, Parolee, Peafowl, Peel off, Peel off, Peel off, Peel off, Peel off, Peopled, Peoples, Pergola, Petiole, Pinhole, Pinocle, Placebo, Placebo, Pleione, Pleopod, Plessor, Ploceus, Plodder, Plodder, Plodder, Plosive, Plotted, Plotter, Plotter, Plotter, Plotter, Plumose, Podlike, Pointel, Poleaxe, Poleaxe, Poleaxe, Polecat, Polecat, Polemic, Polemic, Polemic, Polenta, Pollute, Polymer, Polyose, Ponstel, Pool cue, Potable, Potable, Pothole, Poulenc, Prelone, Pro-life, Problem, Problem, Problem, Profile, Profile, Profile, Profile, Profile, Profile, Profile, Prolate, Prolate, Proline, Prowler, Ptolemy, Ptolemy, Pummelo, Rape oil, Red poll, Redpoll, Redpoll, Ski pole, Skoplje, Slopped, Splodge, Spoiled, Spoiled, Spoiler, Spoiler, Spoiler, Spoiler, Spoiler, Spyhole, Stopple, Stopple, Tadpole, Telopea, Tiepolo, Top-hole, Topless, Topless, Walpole, Walpole,

6 Letter Words containing LOPE: Aleppo, Alopex, Aslope, Compel, Compel, Copley, Couple, Couple, Couple, Couple, Couple, Couple, Couple, Couple, Couple, Deploy, Deploy, Dipole, Dipole, El paso, Employ, Employ, Employ, Epilog, Epilog, Gospel, Gospel, Gospel, Gospel, Gospel, Hole up, Hole up, Hole up, Hopple, Leipoa, Lepton, Lepton, Looper, Lopper, Malope, Openly, Parole, Parole, Parole, Parole, Pelota, Peludo, People, People, People, People, People, People, Peplos, Petrol, Phenol, Phenol, Phloem, Pilose, Pinole, Piolet, Plexor, Plover, Plowed, Plower, Polder, Poleax, Poleax, Poleax, Police, Police, Polite, Polite, Polite, Pollen, Pollex, Pomelo, Pomelo, Pommel, Pommel, Pommel, Pommel, Poodle, Pooler, Pottle, Poulet, Powell, Powell, Propel, Propel, Pueblo, Pueblo, Pueblo, Sloped, Topple, Topple, Tupelo, Tupelo, Tupelo,

5 Letter Words containing LOPE: Elope, Elops, Loupe, Ploce, Poler, Prole, Slope, Slope, Slope,

3 Letter Scrabble word finder and anagram solver for Lope and meanings

Leo (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Lope means: The Lion, the fifth sign of the zodiac, marked thus [/] in almanacs. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Oel
Lop (v. i.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Lope means: To hang downward; to be pendent; to lean to one side. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Pol
Lop (v. t.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Lope means: To let hang down; as, to lop the head. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Opl
Lep (obs. strong imp.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Lope means: of Leap. Leaped. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Lep
Lop (a.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Lope means: Hanging down; as, lop ears; -- used also in compound adjectives; as, lopeared; lopsided. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Pol
Poe (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Lope means: Same as Poi. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Eop
Lop (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Lope means: That which is lopped from anything, as branches from a tree. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Pol
Lop (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Lope means: A flea. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Pol
Lop (v. t.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Lope means: To cut off as the top or extreme part of anything; to sho/ -- by cutting off the extremities; to cut off, or remove as superfluous parts; as, to lop a tree or its branches. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Lpo
Lop (v. t.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Lope means: To cut partly off and bend down; as, to lop bushes in a hedge. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Olp
Leo (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Lope means: A northern constellation east of Cancer, containing the bright star Regulus at the end of the handle of the Sickle. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Leo
Ope (v. t. & i.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Lope means: To open. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Poe
Ope (a.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Lope means: Open. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Oep

Scrabble word finder for Lpoe. Google scrabble cheat for Lope. is an anagram answer for Lepo. Search engine Word puzzles for oeLp. Lope Lepo, oLpe. Meaning of Lope.

Tags: Anagram meaning of Lope. anagram solver, meaning of Lope. Found the meaning of Lope? This page defines Lope. anagrams from Lope.

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