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Soul (a.): Sole.

Soul (a.): Sole.

Soul (v. i.): To afford suitable sustenance.

Soul (n.): The spiritual, rational, and immortal part in man; that part of man which enables him to think, and which renders him a subject of moral government; -- sometimes, in distinction from the higher nature, or spirit, of man, the so-called animal soul, that is, the seat of life, the sensitive affections and phantasy, exclusive of the voluntary and rational powers; -- sometimes, in distinction from the mind, the moral and emotional part of man's nature, the seat of feeling, in distinction from intellect; -- sometimes, the intellect only; the understanding; the seat of knowledge, as distinguished from feeling. In a more general sense, "an animating, separable, surviving entity, the vehicle of individual personal existence."

Soul (n.): The seat of real life or vitality; the source of action; the animating or essential part.

Soul (n.): The leader; the inspirer; the moving spirit; the heart; as, the soul of an enterprise; an able general is the soul of his army.

Soul (n.): Energy; courage; spirit; fervor; affection, or any other noble manifestation of the heart or moral nature; inherent power or goodness.

Soul (n.): A human being; a person; -- a familiar appellation, usually with a qualifying epithet; as, poor soul.

Soul (n.): A pure or disembodied spirit.

Soul (v. t.): To indue with a soul; to furnish with a soul or mind.

Soul (n): A human being

Soul (n): The human embodiment of something

Soul (n): A secular form of gospel that was a major Black musical genre in

Soul (n): Deep feeling or emotion

Soul (n): The immaterial part of a person; the actuating cause of an indiv

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9 Letter Words containing LUOS: Acidulous, Aluminous, Amorously, Analogous, Analogous, Anomalous, Anxiously, Apetalous, Aphyllous, Arduously, Autolysis, Autosomal, Bark louse, Bark-louse, Bird louse, Bloodlust, Blow a fuse, Blue goose, Blue lotus, Blue lotus, Blue stone, Blue story, Bluestone, Body louse, Bolster up, Book louse, Booklouse, Botulinus, Boughless, Boundless, Brush wolf, Calculous, Calloused, Callously, Capreolus, Carrousel, Carrousel, Cellulose, Choloepus, Clamorous, Cloudless, Clubhouse, Coagulase, Coal house, Collusion, Collusion, Collusive, Colosseum, Colostrum, Colourise, Columnist, Conilurus, Construal, Consulate, Copiously, Coral bush, Corpuscle, Corpuscle, Corydalus, Costus oil, Counselor, Counselor, Counselor, Countless, Crab louis, Crab louse, Crapulous, Crapulous, Credulous, Credulous, Curiously, Curiously, Cursorial, Cursorily, Custodial, Delicious, Delicious, Delicious, Delirious, Delirious, Desultory, Deviously, Diclinous, Discolour, Dissolute, Dollhouse, Dollhouse, Dolourous, Doubtless, Dubiously, Dubiously, Dust cloud, Dustcloth, Emulously, Enclosure, Enclosure, Enclosure, Enclosure, Enviously, Exclusion, Exclusion, Exclusion, Exclusion, Expulsion, Expulsion, Expulsion, Fallopius, Fatuously, Felonious, Filovirus, Fish louse, Fistulous, Fistulous, Flavorous, Flophouse, Fluoresce, Fluorosis, Fluorspar, Flush down, Folk music, Four flush, Frivolous, Fulgurous, Full house, Fulsomely, Furiously, Furiously, Furiously, Garrulous, Genus aloe, Genus cola, Genus gulo, Genus lota, Genus mola, Genus olea, Geophilus, Girl scout, Gladiolus, Gladiolus, Glamorous, Glaucomys, Gloomy gus, Glucoside, Glutinous, Goose plum, Granulose, Groundsel, Gulf coast, Gumbo soil, Head louse, Heinously, Hideously, Hilarious, Holocaust, Holocaust, Hourglass, Household, Humorless, Impiously, Impulsion, Impulsion, Inclosure, Inclosure, Inclusion, Inclusion, Inclusion, Inclusion, Insoluble, Insoluble, Insoluble, Insulator, Jailhouse, Jealously, Jealously, Laborious, Labrouste, Laevulose, Lamp house, Lamphouse, Langouste, Langouste, Larcenous, Lecherous, Libellous, Lights-out, Lights-out, Limousine, Lions club, Litigious, Litigious, Loaf sugar, Lobscouse, Locust pod, Lomustine, Loose smut, Loose smut, Loranthus, Lost cause, Lotus land, Lotus tree, Lotusland, Louis viii, Louis xiii, Louisiana, Lousiness, Lousiness, Low status, Low sunday, Lucy stone, Ludicrous, Ludicrous, Lunisolar, Luxurious, Luxurious, Malicious, Marvelous, Marvelous, Marvelous, Mausoleum, Melilotus, Melodious, Melodious, Molluscum, Molothrus, Morus alba, Mouselike, Mouthless, Mt. olympus, Mucorales, Muskmelon, Muskmelon, Mussolini, Myoclonus, Nervously, Nervously, Noncausal, Nonplused, Nonsexual, Nonvisual, Nose flute, Noxiously, Nucleolus, Oblivious, Oblivious, Obscurely, Obviously, Occlusion, Occlusion, Occlusion, Occlusion, Occlusion, Occlusive, Occlusive, Occultism, Occultism, Occultist, Odalisque, Odourless, Oleaceous, Ominously, Onerously, Onslaught, Onslaught, Onslaught, Os lunatum, Osculator, Ossicular, Ossiculum, Oxylebius, Patroclus, Paul simon, Pendulous, Phaseolus, Piteously, Playhouse, Plenteous, Pleurotus, Plus fours, Polyborus, Polyergus, Polyporus, Pomolobus, Pompously, Port louis, Postulant, Postulate, Postulate, Postulate, Postulate, Proconsul, Proconsul, Proconsul, Profusely, Prolapsus, Prolusion, Prolusion, Prolusory, Pulsation, Pulsation, Pulsation, Purposely, Querulous, Raucously, Raucously, Regur soil, Religious, Religious, Religious, Religious, Religious, Reposeful, Repulsion, Repulsion, Repulsion, Revulsion, Riotously, Riotously, Rivalrous, Roguishly, Roguishly, Ruinously, Rush along, Salacious, Salacious, School bus, Scoundrel, Scrub fowl, Seclusion, Seclusion, See double, Self-doubt, Seriously, Seriously, Shovelful, Siliceous, Silicious, Simulator, Single out, Single out, Sinuously, Slouch hat, Slouchily, Slough off, Slough off, Sloughing, Slow virus, Slumbrous, Slumbrous, Soliloquy, Soliloquy, Sorrowful, Soul patch, Soulfully, Sound film, Sound hole, Soundable, Soundless, Soup ladle, Soup plate, South pole, Southerly, Southerly, Southerly, Southerly, Southerly, Southland, Souvlakia, Splendour, Splendour, Sporulate, Sporulate, Strobilus, Subnormal, Subnormal, Subocular, Suctorial, Sugar bowl, Sugar loaf, Sugarloaf, Sulfonate, Sulfurous, Sulfurous, Sulfurous, Sun lounge, Sun parlor, Sun-loving, Sunflower, Superload, Surmontil, Swallow up, Symplocus, Tediously, Tenuously, Tollhouse, Toolhouse, Tremulous, Troublous, Tulestoma, Tulostoma, Turn a loss, Tussilago, Undersoil, Unsoluble, Unspoiled, Unspoiled, Upholster, Urologist, Uropsilus, Vacuously, Variolous, Variously, Viciously, Vulturous, Wood louse, Woodlouse, Zaglossus, Zealously, Zolaesque,

8 Letter Words containing LUOS: Absolute, Absolute, Absolute, Absolute, Absolute, Absolute, Alehouse, All fours, Allosaur, Allusion, Alveolus, Alveolus, Avulsion, Avulsion, Bibulous, Bluenose, Boastful, Boil smut, Botulism, Bull nose, Bullnose, Bullshot, Carousal, Carousel, Carousel, Close out, Close out, Close out, Closeout, Club moss, Club soda, Club-moss, Cocculus, Cold cuts, Coliseum, Colossus, Colossus, Columbus, Columbus, Columbus, Columbus, Consular, Convulse, Convulse, Convulse, Convulse, Convulse, Convulse, Cordylus, Cost-plus, Coulisse, Coulisse, Cousinly, Crotalus, Cumulous, Dead soul, Delusion, Delusion, Delusion, Delusory, Depilous, Doldrums, Doldrums, Dolorous, Douglass, Dust bowl, Emulsion, Emulsion, Espousal, Espousal, Espousal, Eulogise, Eulogist, Fabulous, Fabulous, Fabulous, Famously, Famously, Flesh out, Flesh out, Flesh out, Flexuous, Flourish, Flourish, Flourish, Flourish, Flourish, Flourish, Flourish, Flourish, Flue stop, Foul shot, Foulness, Foulness, Foulness, Foulness, Full stop, Fusel oil, Ghoulish, Glabrous, Glaucous, Glorious, Glorious, Glorious, Gold dust, Gold rush, Gold rush, House fly, Housefly, Houseful, Illusion, Illusion, Illusion, Illusion, Illusory, Jalousie, Jalousie, Jealousy, Jealousy, Joe louis, Joyously, Jugoslav, Larousse, Leonurus, Levulose, Libelous, Ligneous, Limousin, Lobscuse, Long suit, Long suit, Loosen up, Loosen up, Loosen up, Loosen up, Loosen up, Loudness, Loudness, Louis d'or, Louis iii, Louis vii, Louis xii, Louis xiv, Louis xvi, Louse fly, Luminous, Luscious, Luscious, Lustrous, Lustrous, Lustrous, Mallotus, Missoula, Modiolus, Mollusca, Moluccas, Nebulose, Nebulous, Nebulous, Nebulous, Nodulose, Nurse log, Obtusely, Odiously, Old south, Old squaw, Omphalus, Os longum, Osculate, Osculate, Osculate, Outclass, Overplus, Perilous, Petalous, Plecotus, Plotinus, Plumbous, Pluviose, Polish up, Populism, Populist, Populous, Postlude, Postural, Psilotum, Resolute, Resolute, Robustly, Sally out, Sally out, Sao louis, Sao paulo, Scholium, Scolymus, Scolytus, Scoopful, Scornful, Scrofula, Scullion, Sculptor, Sculptor, Sea louse, Sedulous, Shell out, Shoulder, Shoulder, Shoulder, Shoulder, Shoulder, Shoulder, Shoulder, Shoulder, Sleep out, Slothful, Sloucher, Slur over, Smell out, Smell out, Smoulder, Smoulder, Smoulder, Sol hurok, Solarium, Solitude, Solitude, Solitude, Solution, Solution, Solution, Solution, Solution, Soufflot, Soul food, Soul kiss, Soul mate, Soulless, Sound law, Soup bowl, Sour milk, Sour salt, Sourball, Souvlaki, Soy flour, Spell out, Spell out, Spell out, Spill out, Spoonful, Stamboul, Subtotal, Sum total, Sunblock, Supposal, Supposal, Torulose, Toulouse, Trablous, Trollius, Ulcerous, Unloosen, Unloosen, Unsloped, Unsocial, Unsoiled, Unsolder, Unsolved, Unspoilt, Ustilago, Valorous, Volvulus, Yugoslav, Yugoslav, Zalophus,

7 Letter Words containing LUOS: Alopius, Arousal, Arousal, Arousal, Arousal, Bilious, Bilious, Bilious, Boletus, Bugloss, Bugloss, Bulbous, Bulbous, Busload, Callous, Callous, Callous, Carolus, Chylous, Close up, Close up, Close up, Close up, Close up, Closeup, Closure, Closure, Closure, Closure, Closure, Closure, Closure, Closure, Colinus, Colobus, Colours, Colours, Consult, Consult, Consult, Consult, Corylus, Counsel, Counsel, Counsel, Delouse, Doubles, Doubles, Douglas, Elusion, Embolus, Emulous, Emulous, Fulsome, Gallous, Glucose, Goulash, Jealous, Jealous, Jus soli, Lagopus, Lash out, Last out, Leprous, Loculus, Locusta, Lophius, Louis ii, Louis iv, Louis ix, Louis vi, Louis xi, Louis xv, Louse up, Loutish, Lycopus, Modulus, Modulus, Modulus, Mollusc, Mollusk, Mucosal, Nonplus, Ocellus, Ocellus, Oculism, Oculist, Oculist, Olympus, Oriolus, Outlast, Outsail, Outsell, Outsell, Outsole, Parlous, Piously, Ploceus, Plumose, Polypus, Populus, Pylorus, Romulus, Samolus, Sell out, Sell out, Sellout, Sellout, Sellout, Sellout, Shoeful, Slouchy, Sloughy, Soilure, Solanum, Sold-out, Sold-out, Solidus, Solidus, Soluble, Soluble, Songful, Souffle, Soulful, Soundly, Soundly, Souslik, Spousal, Spousal, Squalor, St. cloud, St. louis, St. louis, Stoutly, Subsoil, Tousled, Unloose, Unloose, Upsilon, Uss cole, Velours, Zealous,

6 Letter Words containing LUOS: Aeolus, Blouse, Clonus, Coleus, Consul, Holcus, Locust, Locust, Locust, Louis i, Louis v, Louis x, Lugosi, Obolus, Oculus, Pilous, Slouch, Slouch, Slouch, Slouch, Slough, Slough, Slough, Slough, Slough, Slow up, Slow up, Slow up, Soleus, Solute, Sourly, Tousle, Unsold,

5 Letter Words containing LUOS: Bolus, Bolus, Locus, Locus, Locus, Lotus, Lotus, Lotus, Louis, Louse, Louse, Louse, Louse, Lousy, Lousy, Lousy, Mosul, Ousel, Seoul,

3 Letter Scrabble word finder and anagram solver for Luos and meanings

Los (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Luos means: Praise. See Loos. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Ols
Sol (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Luos means: A syllable applied in solmization to the note G, or to the fifth tone of any diatonic scale. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Ols
Sou (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Luos means: An old French copper coin, equivalent in value to, and now displaced by, the five-centime piece (/ of a franc), which is popularly called a sou. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Suo
Sol (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Luos means: A sou. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Los
Sol (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Luos means: The sun. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Sol
Oul (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Luos means: An awl. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Luo
Sol (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Luos means: Gold; -- so called from its brilliancy, color, and value. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Lso
-ous () an anagram and scrabble cheat for Luos means: A suffix denoting that the element indicated by the name bearing it, has a valence lower than that denoted by the termination -ic; as, nitrous, sulphurous, etc., as contrasted with nitric, sulphuric, etc. Anagram or scrabble meaning of -osu
Oul (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Luos means: An owl. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Olu
Sol (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Luos means: A silver and gold coin of Peru. The silver sol is the unit of value, and is worth about 68 cents. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Sol
Sol (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Luos means: The tone itself. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Slo
-ous () an anagram and scrabble cheat for Luos means: An adjective suffix meaning full of, abounding in, having, possessing the qualities of, like; as in gracious, abounding in grace; arduous, full of ardor; bulbous, having bulbs, bulblike; riotous, poisonous, piteous, joyous, etc. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Uos-

Scrabble word finder for usLo. Google scrabble cheat for Luos. is an anagram answer for Losu. Search engine Word puzzles for oLsu. Luos soLu, osLu. Meaning of Luos.

Tags: Anagram meaning of Luos. anagram solver, meaning of Luos. Found the meaning of Luos? This page defines Luos. anagrams from Luos.

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