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Ply (v. t.): To bend.

Ply (v. t.): To lay on closely, or in folds; to work upon steadily, or with repeated acts; to press upon; to urge importunately; as, to ply one with questions, with solicitations, or with drink.

Ply (v. t.): To employ diligently; to use steadily.

Ply (v. t.): To practice or perform with diligence; to work at.

Ply (v. i.): To bend; to yield.

Ply (v. i.): To act, go, or work diligently and steadily; especially, to do something by repeated actions; to go back and forth; as, a steamer plies between certain ports.

Ply (v. i.): To work to windward; to beat.

Ply (v.): A fold; a plait; a turn or twist, as of a cord.

Ply (v.): Bent; turn; direction; bias.

Ply (n): (usually in combinations) one of several layers of cloth or pape

Ply (n): One of the strands twisted together to make yarn or rope or thre

Ply (v): Use diligently

Ply (v): Give what is desired or needed, especially support, food or sust

Ply (v): Wield vigorously

Ply (v): Join together as by twisting, weaving, or molding

Ply (v): Travel a route regularly

Ply (v): Apply oneself diligently

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8 Letter Words containing LYP: Abruptly, Acalypha, Acephaly, Alpha ray, Anaglyph, Anaglyph, Anyplace, Apoplexy, Atypical, Atypical, Calapuya, Caley pea, Calypter, Calyptra, Cd player, Chirpily, Clay pipe, Copyhold, Cross-ply, Culpably, Cyclopes, Cyclopia, Davy lamp, Diaglyph, Diphylla, Diploidy, Downplay, Downplay, Draw play, Drippily, Dry plate, Dyspneal, Employed, Employed, Employee, Employer, Empyreal, Empyreal, Enthalpy, Epicalyx, Epicycle, Epilepsy, Eucalypt, Expertly, Flypaper, Flyspeck, Flyspeck, Foreplay, Foul play, Frumpily, Gempylid, Gempylus, Glory pea, Glyptics, Grumpily, Haploidy, Holotype, Impishly, Kalapuya, Lady palm, Lady peel, Ladyship, Lap choly, Lapidary, Lapidary, Lapidary, Lapidify, Leap year, Lily pons, Limpidly, Lindy hop, Linotype, Lip synch, Lip-synch, Logotype, Long-play, Lucky dip, Lucky dip, Lumpy jaw, Lyallpur, Lycopene, Lymphoid, Lymphoma, Lynchpin, Lynchpin, Lysippus, May apple, May apple, Mayapple, Misapply, Monopoly, Monopoly, Monopoly, Multiply, Multiply, Multiply, Multiply, Multiply, Olympiad, Olympiad, Olympian, Olympian, Olympian, Olympian, Olympian, Olympian, Olympics, Opaquely, Overplay, Palimony, Pallidly, Palpably, Paralyse, Paralyse, Paralyze, Paralyze, Passably, Patchily, Patently, Pay claim, Payables, Pedology, Penology, Pep rally, Phyletic, Phyllium, Phyllode, Physalia, Physalis, Physical, Physical, Physical, Physical, Physical, Physical, Physical, Pilosity, Pine lily, Pink lady, Pipe-clay, Pipeclay, Pitiably, Placidly, Placidly, Placidyl, Plaguily, Platypus, Platysma, Play back, Play down, Play list, Playable, Playback, Playback, Playbill, Playbook, Playbook, Playbook, Playgoer, Playlist, Playmate, Playroom, Playsuit, Playtime, Pleurisy, Pluckily, Plug away, Plug away, Plug-ugly, Plumbery, Plyboard, Plymouth, Polarity, Polarity, Politely, Pollywog, Polo pony, Polycarp, Polyfoam, Polygala, Polygamy, Polygene, Polyglot, Polyglot, Polygyny, Polymath, Polyodon, Polypody, Polypore, Polysemy, Polysomy, Polyuria, Polyzoan, Pomology, Pond lily, Ponytail, Popishly, Posology, Possibly, Possibly, Potbelly, Potbelly, Potently, Prettily, Priestly, Priestly, Princely, Princely, Prissily, Probably, Probably, Promptly, Promptly, Promptly, Properly, Properly, Properly, Prophyll, Prostyle, Provably, Pryingly, Psalmody, Psaltery, Psyllium, Ptolemy i, Ptyalise, Ptyalism, Ptyalith, Ptyalize, Publicly, Publicly, Pull away, Pyelitis, Pyrrhula, Redeploy, Rely upon, Rohypnol, Roleplay, Roly-poly, Roly-poly, Roly-poly, Self-pity, Simplify, Skimpily, Sky pilot, Sleepily, Slip away, Slip away, Slippery, Slippery, Sloppily, Sparsely, Speedily, Spiderly, Spillway, Spinally, Spirally, Spookily, Sprucely, Spyglass, Stupidly, Superbly, Supinely, Supinely, Symphyla, Symploce, Syphilis, Three-ply, Topology, Topology, Topology, Topology, Torpidly, Trap play, Trepidly, Type slug, Typology, Uppishly, Upwardly, Word play, Wordplay, Xylocopa, Yaltopya, Yam plant, Zyloprim,

7 Letter Words containing LYP: Amplify, Amplify, Amplify, Amplify, Aplysia, Apology, Apology, Apology, Belly-up, Calypso, Calypso, Capably, Cheaply, Cheaply, Cheaply, Clypeus, Crisply, Cyclops, Cyclops, Dipylon, Dipylon, Display, Display, Display, Display, Display, Display, Display, Display, Fly open, Flypast, Flytrap, Four-ply, Gunplay, Gymslip, H. pylori, Half-pay, Happily, Happily, Ineptly, Ineptly, Jolly up, Key palm, Lamprey, Leap day, Leprosy, Lily pad, Lip sync, Lip-sync, Lycopod, Lycopus, Maypole, Misplay, Misplay, Misplay, Olympia, Olympia, Olympic, Olympic, Olympus, Outplay, Paisley, Palfrey, Palmyra, Panoply, Parsley, Parsley, Payable, Payable, Payload, Payload, Payroll, Payroll, Payroll, Payslip, Penally, Penalty, Penalty, Penalty, Penalty, Perkily, Pettily, Phlegmy, Pillory, Pillory, Pillory, Pillory, Piously, Pithily, Plaguey, Plaguey, Plaguey, Plainly, Plainly, Plassey, Play off, Play out, Play out, Play out, Play out, Play-box, Playact, Playbox, Playboy, Playday, Playful, Playing, Playing, Playing, Playlet, Playoff, Playpen, Plenary, Pliancy, Pliancy, Plowboy, Plum-yew, Plywood, Polygon, Polymer, Polymox, Polynya, Polyoma, Polyose, Polypus, Polyzoa, Poultry, Poultry, Prelacy, Prelacy, Presley, Prickly, Prickly, Privily, Prosily, Proudly, Psyllid, Ptolemy, Ptolemy, Ptyalin, Pussley, Pyloric, Pylorus, Pyralid, Pyralis, Rapidly, Shapely, Shapley, Sharply, Sharply, Sharply, Sharply, Slipway, Spangly, Sparkly, Sparkly, Spicily, Spindly, Splashy, Splashy, Splashy, Sprawly, Spyhole, Steeply, Sylphic, Tepidly, Typical, Typical, Typical, Vapidly, Xylopia, Yelping, Yield up,

6 Letter Words containing LYP: Byplay, Comply, Copley, Damply, Deeply, Deeply, Deploy, Deploy, Employ, Employ, Employ, Floppy, Floppy, Jalopy, Limply, Openly, Palely, Palely, Paltry, Paltry, Parlay, Parlay, Parley, Parley, Partly, Payola, Pearly, Pearly, Pebbly, Pertly, Phyllo, Phylum, Phylum, Pilary, Pimply, Plaguy, Plaguy, Play up, Play up, Played, Player, Player, Player, Player, Player, Plenty, Plenty, Plenty, Plucky, Plucky, Plummy, Plummy, Plushy, Plushy, Plyers, Policy, Policy, Policy, Polity, Polity, Polity, Polony, Poorly, Poorly, Pop fly, Pop-fly, Portly, Primly, Propyl, Psylla, Pulley, Punily, Purely, Pussly, Pyrola, Replay, Replay, Replay, Replay, Replay, Replay, Ripely, Simply, Simply, Simply, Simply, Sleepy, Slip by, Slippy, Sloppy, Sloppy, Sloppy, Sloppy, Sloppy, Sloppy, Supply, Supply, Supply, Supply, Supply, Supply, Supply, Two-ply,

5 Letter Words containing LYP: Amply, Amply, Apply, Apply, Apply, Apply, Apply, Apply, Apply, Apply, Apply, Apply, Aptly, Glyph, Haply, Imply, Imply, Imply, Imply, Imply, Kelpy, Lay up, Lay-up, Layup, Leppy, Loopy, Loopy, Lumpy, Lumpy, Lymph, Pally, Palmy, Palsy, Palsy, Palsy, Phyle, Platy, Pliny, Pliny, Plumy, Plumy, Plumy, Plyer, Polyp, Polyp, Pulpy, Pylon, Pylon, Reply, Reply, Reply, Splay, Splay, Splay, Splay, Splay, Sylph, Sylph,

4 Letter Words containing LYP: Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Play, Ploy, Ploy, Pyle, Yelp, Yelp,

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