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Planet (n.): A celestial body which revolves about the sun in an orbit of a moderate degree of eccentricity. It is distinguished from a comet by the absence of a coma, and by having a less eccentric orbit. See Solar system.

Planet (n.): A star, as influencing the fate of a men.

Platen (n.): The part of a printing press which presses the paper against the type and by which the impression is made.

Platen (n.): Hence, an analogous part of a typewriter, on which the paper rests to receive an impression.

Platen (n.): The movable table of a machine tool, as a planer, on which the work is fastened, and presented to the action of the tool; -- also called table.

Planet (n): (astronomy) any of the nine large celestial bodies in the solar

Planet (n): Any celestial body (other than comets or satellites) that revolv

Planet (n): A person who follows or serves another

Platen (n): The roller on a typewriter against which the keys strike

Platen (n): The flat plate of a printing press that presses the paper agains

Platen (n): Work table of a machine tool

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