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Tenant (n.): One who holds or possesses lands, or other real estate, by any kind of right, whether in fee simple, in common, in severalty, for life, for years, or at will; also, one who has the occupation or temporary possession of lands or tenements the title of which is in another; -- correlative to landlord. See Citation from Blackstone, under Tenement, 2.

Tenant (n.): One who has possession of any place; a dweller; an occupant.

Tenant (v. t.): To hold, occupy, or possess as a tenant.

Tenant (n): Someone who pays rent to use land or a building or a car that is

Tenant (n): Any occupant who dwells in a place

Tenant (n): A holder of buildings or lands by any kind of title (as ownershi

Tenant (v): Occupy as a tenant

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11 Letter Words containing NTETAN: Alternating, Alternating, Alternation, Antenuptial, Antineutron, Appointment, Appointment, Appointment, Appointment, Appointment, Appointment, Appurtenant, Attentional, Attenuation, Attenuation, Canine tooth, Centranthus, Concatenate, Concatenate, Concentrate, Concentrate, Concentrate, Concentrate, Concentrate, Concentrate, Concentrate, Concentrate, Concentrate, Concentrate, Concentrate, Connotative, Constantine, Constantine, Consternate, Contact lens, Containment, Containment, Containment, Contaminate, Contaminate, Continental, Continental, Continental, Continental, County agent, Decantation, Destination, Destination, Destination, Determinant, Determinant, Determinant, Determinant, Edutainment, Enchantment, Enchantment, Enchantment, Entertained, Entertainer, Eventration, Extenuating, Extenuation, Extenuation, Festination, Flannelette, Fomentation, Fomentation, Fomentation, Giant hornet, Handwritten, Heat content, Inadvertent, Inattention, Inattentive, Inattentive, Inauthentic, Indentation, Indentation, Indentation, Indentation, Infant death, Infestation, Infestation, Installment, Installment, Installment, Installment, Instantiate, Instantiate, Integrating, Integration, Integration, Integration, Intentional, Intentional, Interaction, Interaction, Internality, Itineration, Lamentation, Lamentation, Lentil plant, Mack sennett, Maisonnette, Maisonnette, Mountain tea, Negotiation, Negotiation, Neutron star, Nonattender, Nonliterate, Nonremittal, Nonremittal, Orientating, Orientation, Orientation, Orientation, Orientation, Orientation, Orientation, Ostentation, Ostentation, Ostentation, Penetrating, Penetrating, Penetration, Penetration, Penetration, Penetration, Penetration, Penetration, Penitential, Pentavalent, Pentlandite, Pinnatisect, Plant-eating, Plantagenet, Recantation, Reenactment, Repentantly, Roman nettle, Run batted in, Sentimental, Sentimental, Sino-tibetan, Spontaneity, Stone marten, Supernatant, Supernatant, Sustainment, Table tennis, Talent agent, Ten thousand, Ten thousand, Tennis match, Termination, Termination, Termination, Termination, Termination, Threatening, Threatening, Tonic accent, Tonnage duty, Transiently, Transit line, Transit zone, Translucent, Transparent, Transparent, Transparent, Transparent, Trenchantly, Tripinnated, Tutankhamen, Unauthentic, Uncertainty, Uncertainty, Unfortunate, Unfortunate, Unfortunate, Unfortunate, Uninitiated, Unpatterned, Unrepentant, Unrepentant, Unresistant, Unrestraint, Ventilation, Ventilation, Ventilation, Ventilation, Wine tasting,

10 Letter Words containing NTETAN: Abstention, Anointment, Antecedent, Antecedent, Antecedent, Antecedent, Antecedent, Antepenult, Antilepton, Arc tangent, Arctangent, Assentient, Astringent, Astringent, Astringent, Attainment, Attainment, Attainment, Attendance, Attendance, Attendance, Batten down, Cantonment, Canvas tent, Contestant, Contestant, Denaturant, Denotation, Denotation, Detainment, Detonation, Detonation, Entailment, Entrapment, Grand teton, Instalment, Instalment, Instalment, Intactness, Intestinal, Intolerant, Intolerant, Lean-to tent, Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Life tenant, Malcontent, Malcontent, Mental note, Mutant gene, Nonstarter, Nonstarter, Obtainment, Pentathlon, Pentatonic, Rattan cane, Sentential, Stan the man, Stentorian, Stone plant, Tangential, Tangential, Term infant, Teton range, Tinned meat, Tournament, Tournament, Tramontane, Tramontane, Tramontane, Tripinnate, Two-man tent, Unattended, Unattended, Unattended, Unfattened, Uninitiate, Uninitiate, Unpatented, Untalented, Untenanted,

9 Letter Words containing NTETAN: Abstinent, Abstinent, Antenatal, Atonement, Atonement, Attendant, Attendant, Attendant, Attendant, Attendant, Attending, Attending, Attention, Attention, Attention, Attention, Attention, Attention, Cotangent, Enactment, Enactment, Enactment, Entertain, Entertain, Entertain, Fattening, Injectant, Inpatient, Itinerant, Itinerant, Mentation, Mount etna, Nantucket, Nat turner, Nattiness, Negotiant, Nonextant, Nonextant, Notonecta, Pantothen, Pentatone, Re-entrant, Reentrant, Repentant, Transeunt, Transient, Transient, Transient, Transient, Trenchant, Trenchant, Trenchant, Tv-antenna, Untainted,

8 Letter Words containing NTETAN: Annotate, Annotate, Cotenant, Intonate, Intonate, Intranet, Stannite, Tenanted, Tenantry,

7 Letter Words containing NTETAN: Entrant, Entrant, Entrant, Entrant, Tangent, Tangent,

5 Letter Scrabble word finder or Anagrams for Ntetan and meanings

Anent (a.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Ntetan means: About; concerning; in respect; as, he said nothing anent this particular. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Nntae
Anent (a.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Ntetan means: Over against; as, he lives anent the church. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Tnean

Scrabble word finder for anNtte. Google scrabble cheat for Ntetan. is an anagram answer for ttNnae. Search engine Word puzzles for eatntN. Ntetan antNte, Nnatet. Meaning of Ntetan.

Tags: Anagram meaning of Ntetan. anagram solver, meaning of Ntetan. Found the meaning of Ntetan? This page defines Ntetan. anagrams from Ntetan.

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