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Passe partout (n.): That by which one can pass anywhere; a safe-conduct.

Passe partout (n.): A master key; a latchkey.

Passe partout (n.): A light picture frame or mat of cardboard, wood, or the like, usually put between the picture and the glass, and sometimes serving for several pictures.

Spiritualist (n.): One who professes a regard for spiritual things only; one whose employment is of a spiritual character; an ecclesiastic.

Spiritualist (n.): One who maintains the doctrine of spiritualism.

Spiritualist (n.): One who believes in direct intercourse with departed spirits, through the agency of persons commonly called mediums, by means of physical phenomena; one who attempts to maintain such intercourse; a spiritist.

Spiritualist (a.): Spiritualistic.

Strophanthus (n.): A genus of tropical apocynaceous shrubs having singularly twisted flowers. One species (Strophanthus hispidus) is used medicinally as a cardiac sedative and stimulant.

Superstition (n.): An excessive reverence for, or fear of, that which is unknown or mysterious.

Superstition (n.): An ignorant or irrational worship of the Supreme Deity; excessive exactness or rigor in religious opinions or practice; extreme and unnecessary scruples in the observance of religious rites not commanded, or of points of minor importance; also, a rite or practice proceeding from excess of sculptures in religion.

Superstition (n.): The worship of a false god or gods; false religion; religious veneration for objects.

Superstition (n.): Belief in the direct agency of superior powers in certain extraordinary or singular events, or in magic, omens, prognostics, or the like.

Superstition (n.): Excessive nicety; scrupulous exactness.

Passe-partout (n): A mounting for a picture using gummed tape

Passe-partout (n): Key that secures entrance everywhere

Press cutting (n): An excerpt cut from a newspaper or magazine

Psittacosaur (n): Primitive dinosaur actually lacking horns and having only the be

Spiritualist (n): Someone who serves as an intermediary between the living and the

Spiritualist (a): Of or relating to or connected with spiritualism

Strophanthus (n): Any of various shrubs or small trees of the genus Strophanthus h

Superstition (n): An irrational belief arising from ignorance or fear

Theophrastus (n): Greek philosopher who was a student of Aristotle and who succeed

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Pastorate (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Passepartout means: The office, state, or jurisdiction of a pastor. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Sttaarepo

Scrabble word finder for esurpatsPoat. Google scrabble cheat for Passepartout. is an anagram answer for ourstsPpaaet. Search engine Word puzzles for rupsaoesPtta. Passepartout aPustreotsap, ausrapoePtst. Meaning of Passepartout.

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