Meaning of Persecutor, Anagram solver, Scrabble word finder Persecutor?

Four-poster (n.): A large bedstead with tall posts at the corners to support curtains.

Hotspurred (a.): Violent; impetuous; headstrong.

Persecutor (n.): One who persecutes, or harasses.

Practisour (n.): A practitioner.

Prosecutor (n.): One who prosecutes or carries on any purpose, plan, or business.

Prosecutor (n.): The person who institutes and carries on a criminal suit against another in the name of the government.

Prosternum (n.): The ventral plate of the prothorax of an insect.

Protrusile (a.): Capable of being protruded or thrust out; protractile; protrusive.

Protrusion (n.): The act of protruding or thrusting forward, or beyond the usual limit.

Protrusion (n.): The state of being protruded, or thrust forward.

Raptorious (a.): Raptorial.

Rudderpost (n.): The shank of a rudder, having the blade at one end and the attachments for operating it at the other.

Surreption (n.): The act or process of getting in a surreptitious manner, or by craft or stealth.

Surreption (n.): A coming unperceived or suddenly.

Artocarpus (n): Evergreen Asiatic trees now grown through the tropics: breadfrui

Four-poster (n): A bed with posts at the four corners that can be used to support

Persecutor (n): Someone who torments

Prosecutor (n): A government official who conducts criminal prosecutions on beha

Protrusile (s): Capable of being thrust forward, as the tongue

Protrusion (n): The act of projecting out from something

Protrusion (n): Something that bulges out or is protuberant or projects from its

Romper suit (n): A one-piece garment for children to wear at play; the lower part

Rudderpost (n): A vertical post at the forward edge of a rudder that enables the

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9 Letter Scrabble word finder or Anagrams for Persecutor and meanings

Prosecute (v. i.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Persecutor means: To follow after. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Sptoeeruc
Prosecute (v. t.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Persecutor means: To pursue with the intention of punishing; to accuse of some crime or breach of law, or to pursue for redress or punishment, before a legal tribunal; to proceed against judicially; as, to prosecute a man for trespass, or for a riot. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Utcperseo
Prosecute (v. t.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Persecutor means: To follow or pursue with a view to reach, execute, or accomplish; to endeavor to obtain or complete; to carry on; to continue; as, to prosecute a scheme, hope, or claim. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Peecsorut
Prosecute (v. i.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Persecutor means: To institute and carry on a legal prosecution; as, to prosecute for public offenses. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Eousprcet
Prosecute (v. t.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Persecutor means: To seek to obtain by legal process; as, to prosecute a right or a claim in a court of law. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Oespruect

Scrabble word finder for ecPtsreour. Google scrabble cheat for Persecutor. is an anagram answer for erPtceruso. Search engine Word puzzles for ourseePrtc. Persecutor teceoursrP, errctsPeuo. Meaning of Persecutor.

Tags: Anagram meaning of Persecutor. anagram solver, meaning of Persecutor. Found the meaning of Persecutor? This page defines Persecutor. anagrams from Persecutor.

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