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Lip (n.): One of the two fleshy folds which surround the orifice of the mouth in man and many other animals. In man the lips are organs of speech essential to certain articulations. Hence, by a figure they denote the mouth, or all the organs of speech, and sometimes speech itself.

Lip (n.): An edge of an opening; a thin projecting part of anything; a kind of short open spout; as, the lip of a vessel.

Lip (n.): The sharp cutting edge on the end of an auger.

Lip (n.): One of the two opposite divisions of a labiate corolla.

Lip (n.): The odd and peculiar petal in the Orchis family. See Orchidaceous.

Lip (n.): One of the edges of the aperture of a univalve shell.

Lip (v. t.): To touch with the lips; to put the lips to; hence, to kiss.

Lip (v. t.): To utter; to speak.

Lip (v. t.): To clip; to trim.

Lip (n): Either the outer margin or the inner margin of the aperture of a

Lip (n): The top edge of a vessel or other container

Lip (n): Either of two fleshy folds of tissue that surround the mouth and

Lip (n): An impudent or insolent rejoinder

Lip (n): (botany) either of the two parts of a bilabiate corolla or calyx

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7 Letter Words containing PIL: Alopius, Alpinia, Amplify, Amplify, Amplify, Amplify, Apelike, Apelike, Aplasia, Aplitic, Aplysia, Applied, Applier, Applier, Apsidal, Bipedal, Biplane, Bipolar, Bipolar, Bipolar, Build up, Build up, Build up, Build up, Build up, Buildup, Buildup, Buildup, Built-up, Caliper, Caliper, Capelin, Capital, Capital, Capital, Capital, Capital, Capital, Capital, Capital, Capital, Capital, Capital, Capitol, Capitol, Capulin, Capulin, Chaplin, Clam dip, Climb up, Climb up, Climb up, Clip art, Clipped, Clipped, Clipper, Clipper, Clipper, Clipper, Clupeid, Co-pilot, Coalpit, Compile, Compile, Compile, Complin, Copilot, Cowslip, Cowslip, Cripple, Cripple, Cripple, Crisply, Culprit, Cuplike, Delphic, Delphic, Despoil, Despoil, Diploid, Diploid, Diploma, Dipolar, Dipylon, Dipylon, Display, Display, Display, Display, Display, Display, Display, Display, Dolphin, Dolphin, Eclipse, Eclipse, Eclipse, Ellipse, Epilate, Epistle, Epistle, Epsilon, Explain, Explain, Explain, Exploit, Exploit, Exploit, Exploit, Felt tip, Fleapit, Flip out, Flip out, Flipper, Flipper, Gem clip, Glimpse, Glimpse, Glimpse, Glimpse, Gulping, Gulping, Gymslip, H. pylori, Haploid, Haploid, Happily, Happily, Harelip, Helping, Hilltop, Hip tile, Hipless, Hipline, Hipline, Hualpai, Hualpai, Illampu, Impanel, Impanel, Imperil, Implant, Implant, Implant, Implant, Implike, Implode, Implore, Impulse, Impulse, Impulse, Impulse, Impulse, Impulse, In place, Ineptly, Ineptly, Isuprel, Kipling, Lamp oil, Lamplit, Lampris, Lapping, Lappish, Lapsing, Lapwing, Leaping, Leipzig, Lempira, Lepiota, Lepisma, Lepomis, Leporid, Liepaja, Light up, Light up, Light up, Light up, Light up, Lily pad, Limping, Limpkin, Limpopo, Ling-pao, Lip balm, Lip fern, Lip sync, Lip-read, Lip-sync, Liparis, Liparis, Lipemia, Lipfern, Lipitor, Lipless, Liplike, Lipmann, Lipread, Liriope, Lithops, Liven up, Lobipes, Looping, Lophius, Lumpish, Lupinus, Milk pox, Milkcap, Milksop, Misplay, Misplay, Misplay, Nonslip, Nuptial, Oil lamp, Oil palm, Oil pump, Olympia, Olympia, Olympic, Olympic, Opaline, Opalise, Opalise, Opalize, Opalize, Optical, Optical, Optical, Optimal, Overlip, Pahlavi, Pahlavi, Pahlavi, Pahlevi, Pailful, Painful, Painful, Painful, Painful, Paisley, Paladin, Pallium, Pallium, Pallium, Pallium, Palm oil, Palmist, Palsied, Pamlico, Pamlico, Panicle, Pantile, Papilla, Papilla, Papilla, Parboil, Partial, Partial, Partial, Partial, Partial, Patrial, Paul iii, Pauline, Pauling, Payslip, Pealing, Pedicel, Pedicle, Peeling, Pehlevi, Pelagic, Pelican, Pelisse, Pelting, Pen-tail, Pentail, Pep pill, Perejil, Perilla, Perkily, Petiole, Pettily, Phallic, Phallic, Philip v, Philter, Philtre, Phlomis, Pianola, Piccolo, Pickled, Piculet, Piebald, Pig lead, Pigtail, Pilgrim, Pilgrim, Pilgrim, Pill bug, Pillage, Pillage, Pillage, Pillbox, Pillbox, Pillbox, Pillion, Pillock, Pillory, Pillory, Pillory, Pillory, Pilsner, Pimlico, Pimpled, Pin curl, Pinball, Pinfold, Pinhole, Pinnule, Pinocle, Pintail, Piously, Pipeful, Pitfall, Pitfall, Pithily, Pitiful, Pitiful, Pitiful, Pivotal, Placoid, Plainly, Plainly, Plaiter, Plasmid, Plasmin, Plastic, Plastic, Plastic, Plastic, Plastic, Plastid, Plating, Plating, Plaudit, Playing, Playing, Playing, Pleione, Pliable, Pliable, Pliable, Pliable, Pliancy, Pliancy, Plicate, Plosion, Plosive, Plovdiv, Plowing, Plumbic, Plump in, Podlike, Pointel, Polaris, Polemic, Polemic, Polemic, Politic, Politic, Praline, Prelims, Prevail, Prevail, Prevail, Prevail, Prevail, Prickle, Prickle, Prickle, Prickle, Prickly, Prickly, Primula, Privily, Pro-life, Profile, Profile, Profile, Profile, Profile, Profile, Profile, Proline, Prosily, Psyllid, Ptloris, Ptyalin, Publish, Publish, Publish, Puerile, Puerile, Pulling, Pulsing, Purlieu, Purloin, Pyloric, Pyralid, Pyralis, Rape oil, Rapidly, Replica, Reptile, Rippled, Rippled, Salpinx, Sapling, Sculpin, Sidle up, Simplex, Simplex, Ski pole, Sleep in, Sleep in, Slice up, Slick up, Slick up, Slip off, Slipper, Slipper, Slipway, Sloping, Sloping, Spacial, Spaniel, Spatial, Special, Special, Special, Special, Special, Special, Special, Special, Special, Special, Spicily, Spicule, Spiegel, Spiller, Spiller, Spindle, Spindle, Spindle, Spindle, Spindle, Spindly, Spirula, Spittle, Splenic, Splicer, Splicer, Splicer, Split up, Split up, Split up, Split up, Split up, Spoiled, Spoiled, Spoiler, Spoiler, Spoiler, Spoiler, Spoiler, Stipple, Stipple, Stipple, Stipple, Stipule, Sylphic, Taliped, Talipes, Talipot, Tepidly, Thlaspi, Tie clip, Tiepolo, Tilapia, Tippler, Top lift, Topical, Topical, Topical, Topsail, Topsoil, Triplet, Triplet, Triplet, Triplex, Tripoli, Tripoli, Tripoli, Typical, Typical, Typical, Upfield, Upsilon, Vapidly, Vulpine, Walapai, Walapai, Wild hop, Wild pea, Xylopia, Yelping, Yield up,

6 Letter Words containing PIL: Alpine, Alpine, Alpine, Apical, Aplite, Apulia, Caliph, Caplin, Clip-on, Clip-on, Delphi, Dimple, Dimple, Dimple, Dimple, Dimple, Dipole, Dipole, Dispel, Dispel, Elapid, Epical, Epilog, Epilog, Espial, Fill up, Fill up, Fill up, Fill up, Fillip, Fipple, Impala, Impale, Impale, Joplin, Joplin, Kaliph, Kelpie, Kelpie, Laid up, Lappic, Leipoa, Lift up, Lift up, Limper, Limpet, Limpet, Limpid, Limpid, Limpid, Limply, Line up, Line up, Line up, Line up, Line up, Line up, Lineup, Lineup, Lineup, Link up, Link up, Link up, Linkup, Lip off, Lipase, Lipide, Lipoid, Lipoma, Lipped, Lisper, Lupine, Lupine, Magilp, Megilp, Napoli, Nepali, Nepali, Nepali, Nipple, Nipple, Paigle, Paigle, Palaic, Paling, Palish, Pallid, Pallid, Pallid, Pastil, Paul vi, Pelvic, Pelvis, Pelvis, Pencil, Pencil, Pencil, Pencil, Pencil, Penial, Penile, Perlis, Philia, Philip, Pholis, Pickle, Pickle, Pickle, Piddle, Piddle, Piddle, Piffle, Piffle, Piffle, Piglet, Pilaff, Pilary, Pilate, Pile up, Pile up, Pile up, Pileup, Pileus, Pilfer, Piling, Pillar, Pillar, Pillar, Pillar, Pillar, Pillow, Pillow, Pilose, Pilous, Pilsen, Pimple, Pimply, Pineal, Pineal, Pinole, Pintle, Piolet, Pipile, Pipilo, Pistil, Pistol, Placid, Placid, Plaice, Plaice, Plaint, Plaint, Plavix, Pliant, Pliant, Pliant, Pliant, Pliers, Plight, Plight, Plight, Plight, Plinth, Plug in, Plug-in, Plug-in, Police, Police, Policy, Policy, Policy, Polish, Polish, Polish, Polish, Polish, Polish, Polish, Polish, Polite, Polite, Polite, Polity, Polity, Polity, Poplin, Prelim, Prelim, Primal, Primal, Primly, Prolix, Public, Public, Public, Public, Puglia, Pull in, Pull in, Pull in, Pull in, Pull-in, Pulpit, Punily, Ripely, Ripple, Ripple, Ripple, Ripple, Silt up, Simple, Simple, Simple, Simple, Simple, Simple, Simple, Simple, Simple, Simply, Simply, Simply, Simply, Slip by, Slip in, Slip on, Slip up, Slip-on, Slip-up, Slippy, Spinal, Spinal, Spinel, Spiral, Spiral, Spiral, Spiral, Spiral, Spiral, Spiral, Spiral, Spiral, Spiral, Splice, Splice, Splice, Splice, Splice, Splice, Spliff, Spline, Spline, Splint, Splint, Splint, Spoilt, Spoilt, Spoilt, Tipple, Tipple, Triple, Triple, Triple, Triple, Triple, Triple, Triple, Tulipa, Unclip, Uphill, Uphill, Uphill, Uphill, Uplift, Uplift, Uplift, Uplift, Uplift, Uplink, Wimple,

5 Letter Words containing PIL: April, April 14, Blimp, Blimp, Dphil, Impel, Impel, Imply, Imply, Imply, Imply, Imply, Lapin, Lapin, Limpa, Lipid, Lippi, Lippi, Lopid, Lupin, Oxlip, Pauli, Paxil, Peril, Peril, Peril, Peril, Peril, Phial, Picul, Pilaf, Pilar, Pilau, Pilaw, Pilea, Piles, Piles, Pilot, Pilot, Pilot, Pilot, Pilot, Pilot, Pilot, Pilot, Pilus, Pilus, Pipal, Pipul, Pixel, Plaid, Plain, Plain, Plain, Plain, Plain, Plain, Plain, Plain, Plain, Plain, Plain, Plait, Plait, Plait, Plait, Plica, Plier, Pliny, Pliny, Poilu, Poilu, Polio, Pupil, Pupil, Pupil, Spiel, Spiel, Spiel, Spile, Spile, Spill, Spill, Spill, Spill, Spill, Spill, Spill, Spill, Spill, Spill, Split, Split, Split, Split, Split, Split, Split, Split, Split, Split, Split, Split, Split, Split, Split, Split, Split, Split, Spoil, Spoil, Spoil, Spoil, Spoil, Spoil, Spoil, Spoil, Spoil, Spoil, Spoil, Tulip,

4 Letter Words containing PIL: Blip, Blip, Clip, Clip, Clip, Clip, Clip, Clip, Clip, Clip, Clip, Clip, Clip, Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip, Li po, Limp, Limp, Limp, Limp, Limp, Lisp, Lisp, Lisp, Pail, Pail, Pali, Pile, Pile, Pile, Pile, Pile, Pile, Pile, Pile, Pile, Pile, Pile, Pill, Pill, Pill, Pill, Pill, Slip, Slip, Slip, Slip, Slip, Slip, Slip, Slip, Slip, Slip, Slip, Slip, Slip, Slip, Slip, Slip, Slip, Slip, Slip, Slip, Slip, Slip, Slip, Slip, Slip, Slip,

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