Meaning of Piteous, Anagram solver, Scrabble word finder Piteous?

Piteous (a.): Pious; devout.

Piteous (a.): Evincing pity, compassion, or sympathy; compassionate; tender.

Piteous (a.): Fitted to excite pity or sympathy; wretched; miserable; lamentable; sad; as, a piteous case.

Piteous (a.): Paltry; mean; pitiful.

Piteous (s): Deserving or inciting pity

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12 Letter Words containing PITEOUS: Adipose tumor, Aortic plexus, Apricot sauce, Concupiscent, Counterpoise, Counterpoise, Dryopithecus, Genus lepiota, Genus lithops, Genus opuntia, Genus protium, Genus pterois, Genus ptloris, House painter, Impetiginous, Lister plough, Lithospermum, Louis pasteur, Lubber's point, Multipurpose, Neurotropism, Not surprised, Peritrichous, Perodicticus, Pertinacious, Petroselinum, Pleurisy root, Polyneuritis, Positive muon, Prairie lotus, Price support, Pudding stone, Purpose-built, Skin eruption, Sophie tucker, Soup-strainer, Split-pea soup, Stupefaction, Stupefaction, Stupefaction, Stupid person, Sublime porte, Superstition, Supervention, Time exposure, Time exposure, Two-piece suit, Unpatronised, Unsupportive, Us post office, Volute spring,

11 Letter Words containing PITEOUS: Act superior, Computerise, Computerise, Computerise, Consumptive, Consumptive, Consumptive, Expeditious, Genus coptis, Genus triops, Impetuosity, Impetuously, Lepisosteus, Leptoptilus, Life support, Life support, Life-support, Micropterus, Os trapezium, Outside loop, Pediocactus, Persecution, Pestiferous, Pestiferous, Pestiferous, Pestiferous, Picture show, Pneumonitis, Point source, Precipitous, Precipitous, Prestigious, Prestigious, Presumption, Presumption, Presumption, Presumption, Pretentious, Pretentious, Pretentious, Primus stove, Prosecution, Prosecution, Prosecution, Protrusible, Pterosauria, Ptilocercus, Pumice stone, Repetitious, Sepoy mutiny, Soup kitchen, Speculation, Speculation, Speculation, Speculation, Superiority, Superiority, Superiority, Superiority, Telescopium, Trouser clip, Up to his neck,

10 Letter Words containing PITEOUS: Eumetopias, House paint, Housepaint, Lentil soup, Opuntiales, Periosteum, Pilothouse, Prostitute, Prostitute, Protrusile, Protrusive, Pyrolusite, Resumption, Romper suit, Supertonic, Supportive,

9 Letter Words containing PITEOUS: Dipterous, Euproctis, Guidepost, Guidepost, Impetuous, Impetuous, Imposture, Petronius, Piteously, Ship route,

8 Letter Words containing PITEOUS: Spike out,

6 Letter Scrabble word finder or Anagrams for Piteous and meanings

Sopite (v. t.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Piteous means: To lay asleep; to put to sleep; to quiet. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Spteio

Scrabble word finder for uotsiPe. Google scrabble cheat for Piteous. is an anagram answer for ueiPtos. Search engine Word puzzles for utoesPi. Piteous tosiPeu, utsioeP. Meaning of Piteous.

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