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Leprosy (n.): A cutaneous disease which first appears as blebs or as reddish, shining, slightly prominent spots, with spreading edges. These are often followed by an eruption of dark or yellowish prominent nodules, frequently producing great deformity. In one variety of the disease, anaesthesia of the skin is a prominent symptom. In addition there may be wasting of the muscles, falling out of the hair and nails, and distortion of the hands and feet with destruction of the bones and joints. It is incurable, and is probably contagious.

Leprosy (n): Chronic granulomatous communicable disease occurring in tropical

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12 Letter Words containing PSEORLY: Clumsy person, Copolymerise, Cyclosporeae, Epistolatory, Fool's parsley, Gypsy rose lee, Horse parsley, Impersonally, Impersonally, Keratoplasty, Lady's-eardrop, Laryngoscope, Lepidobotrys, Limnocryptes, Lycoperdales, Lycopersicon, Lycopersicum, Lyginopteris, Oppressively, Oversimplify, Oversimplify, Pelycosauria, People's party, Perfidiously, Perniciously, Perniciously, Pleurisy root, Polychromise, Polyneuritis, Polyoestrous, Portal system, Portentously, Precariously, Precociously, Profitlessly, Propertyless, Prosperously, Purposefully, Pyrocephalus, Pyroligneous, Rhynchoelaps, Rolypoliness, Rule of cy pres, Soccer player, Spiny lobster, Spiny lobster, Stone parsley, Stone parsley, Stormy petrel, Streptolysin, Tyrolean alps, Yellow spruce,

11 Letter Words containing PSEORLY: Chrysolepis, Cyclopterus, Genus pyrola, Golden syrup, Hyalosperma, Hyperbolise, Hypocreales, Imperiously, Lord's prayer, Neuroplasty, Nonslippery, Oyster plant, Oyster plant, Oyster plant, Pearl oyster, Penuriously, Personality, Personality, Phraseology, Polyestrous, Polystyrene, Ponderously, Ponderously, Potter's clay, Powerlessly, Professedly, Professedly, Proselytise, Proselytism, Proselytism, Proselytize, Proteolysis, Pterostylis, Rectoplasty, Responsibly, Sleeper goby, Supply route, Verey pistol,

10 Letter Words containing PSEORLY: Cow parsley, Epistolary, Holy person, Narcolepsy, Oversupply, Oversupply, Pelycosaur, Perilously, Personally, Personally, Personally, Personally, Personally, Personalty, Polymerase, Polymerise, Polymerise, Preciously, Previously, Pyrolusite, Rosy-purple, Sportively, Stroke play, Upholstery, Upholstery, Very pistol,

9 Letter Words containing PSEORLY: Horseplay, Layperson, Polyergus, Polyester, Polyester, Polyester, Profusely, Proselyte, Purposely,

8 Letter Words containing PSEORLY: Prostyle,

6 Letter Scrabble word finder or Anagrams for Pseorly and meanings

Osprey (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Pseorly means: Alt. of Ospray Anagram or scrabble meaning of Sryoep
Sorely (adv.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Pseorly means: In a sore manner; grievously; painfully; as, to be sorely afflicted. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Yelors

Scrabble word finder for srylPeo. Google scrabble cheat for Pseorly. is an anagram answer for lyresoP. Search engine Word puzzles for elsyrPo. Pseorly sPoerly, rPyleso. Meaning of Pseorly.

Tags: Anagram meaning of Pseorly. anagram solver, meaning of Pseorly. Found the meaning of Pseorly? This page defines Pseorly. anagrams from Pseorly.

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