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Pry (n.): A lever; also, leverage.

Pry (v. t.): To raise or move, or attempt to raise or move, with a pry or lever; to prize.

Pry (v. i.): To peep narrowly; to gaze; to inspect closely; to attempt to discover something by a scrutinizing curiosity; -- often implying reproach.

Pry (n.): Curious inspection; impertinent peeping.

Pyr- (): Combining forms designating fire or heat; specifically (Chem.), used to imply an actual or theoretical derivative by the action of heat; as in pyrophosphoric, pyrosulphuric, pyrotartaric, pyrotungstic, etc.

Pry (n): A heavy iron lever with one end forged into a wedge

Pry (v): Be nosey

Pry (v): To move or force, especially in an effort to get something open

Pry (v): Make an uninvited or presumptuous inquiry

Pry (v): Search or inquire in a meddlesome way

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8 Letter Words containing PYR: Abruptly, Agrypnia, Alpha ray, Asperity, Asperity, Bishopry, Body part, Bradypus, Calypter, Calyptra, Cape york, Capybara, Cd player, Chirpily, Copyread, Coragyps, Cross-ply, Cyprinid, Cyprinid, Cyprinus, Cypriote, Cypriote, Dipteryx, Draw play, Drippily, Drop away, Dry plate, Dry point, Dry point, Drying up, Employer, Empyreal, Empyreal, Empyrean, Empyrean, Empyrean, Erysiphe, Expertly, Fair copy, Fairy cup, Fairy cup, Flypaper, Foreplay, Frippery, Frumpily, Glory pea, Gray-pink, Grey-pink, Grumpily, Hard copy, Harpy bat, Hen party, Hoary pea, Hyperion, Hypernym, Hyperope, Impurity, Impurity, Isopyrum, Isotropy, Jeopardy, Lapidary, Lapidary, Lapidary, Leap year, Lyallpur, Merit pay, Myriapod, Naprosyn, Necropsy, One-party, Orthoepy, Orthoepy, Overplay, Pan gravy, Paperboy, Paraguay, Paralyse, Paralyse, Paralyze, Paralyze, Pargetry, Parjanya, Paroxysm, Party man, Passer-by, Passerby, Patronym, Paygrade, Pedantry, Pep rally, Peripety, Petchary, Pharmacy, Pharmacy, Phrygian, Phrygian, Physaria, Physeter, Playgoer, Playroom, Pleurisy, Plumbery, Plyboard, Podiatry, Polarity, Polarity, Polycarp, Polypore, Polyuria, Pony cart, Ponycart, Porosity, Porphyra, Porphyry, Prettify, Prettily, Pretty up, Priestly, Priestly, Princely, Princely, Priority, Priority, Prissily, Probably, Probably, Promptly, Promptly, Promptly, Properly, Properly, Properly, Property, Property, Property, Property, Property, Prophecy, Prophecy, Prophesy, Prophesy, Prophyll, Prostyle, Provably, Proxy war, Pryingly, Psaltery, Punitory, Puppetry, Puppetry, Purveyor, Pyorrhea, Pyorrhea, Pyrausta, Pyrectic, Pyrectic, Pyrenees, Pyridine, Pyridium, Pyrostat, Pyroxene, Pyrrhula, Pyrrosia, Rapacity, Rapacity, Rapidity, Red porgy, Redeploy, Rely upon, Rhapsody, Rhapsody, Rhapsody, Rohypnol, Roleplay, Roly-poly, Roly-poly, Roly-poly, Rope yard, Rope yarn, Rynchops, Rypticus, Scrape by, Sea spray, Shipyard, Slippery, Slippery, Spar buoy, Sparsely, Sparsity, Spiderly, Spirally, Spray can, Spray gun, Spray-dry, Spraying, Spraying, Spraying, Sprucely, Spun yarn, Superbly, Sympatry, Tapestry, Tapestry, Tapestry, Taxpayer, Tea party, Three-ply, Torpidly, Trap play, Trepidly, Triptych, Troponym, Trumpery, Trumpery, Two-party, Underpay, Upwardly, Uropathy, War party, War party, Weaponry, Word play, Wordplay, Yerupaja, Zyloprim,

7 Letter Words containing PYR: Apteryx, Atrophy, Atrophy, Atrophy, Coppery, Corypha, Crisply, Cryptic, Cryptic, Cryptic, Cyperus, Cypraea, Cypress, Cypress, Cyprian, Cyprian, Cyprian, Cyprian, Cypriot, Cypriot, Decrypt, Deep-fry, Drapery, Drapery, Drip-dry, Drip-dry, Drip-dry, Dry pint, Encrypt, Entropy, Entropy, Eparchy, Eparchy, Euphory, Extropy, Eye-drop, Eye-drop, Eyedrop, Eyedrop, Flytrap, Four-ply, Gryphon, Guy rope, H. pylori, Hydrops, Hyperon, Krypton, Lamprey, Leprosy, Ophryon, Orphrey, Overpay, Palfrey, Palmyra, Papyrus, Papyrus, Papyrus, Parkway, Paronym, Parsley, Parsley, Pay dirt, Pay dirt, Pay rate, Payroll, Payroll, Payroll, Peccary, Peppery, Per year, Perfidy, Perfidy, Perjury, Perkily, Pessary, Petrify, Petrify, Petrify, Pharynx, Phratry, Phrygia, Picardy, Piggery, Pillory, Pillory, Pillory, Pillory, Piscary, Plenary, Polymer, Poor boy, Portray, Portray, Portray, Portray, Pottery, Pottery, Pottery, Poultry, Poultry, Poverty, Powdery, Powdery, Preachy, Prelacy, Prelacy, Presley, Prickly, Prickly, Primacy, Primary, Primary, Primary, Primary, Primary, Primary, Primary, Primary, Privacy, Privacy, Privily, Probity, Procyon, Procyon, Prodigy, Prodigy, Prodigy, Progeny, Prosily, Prosody, Prosody, Prosody, Proudly, Prudery, Puberty, Puffery, Putrefy, Pyloric, Pylorus, Pyralid, Pyralis, Pyramid, Pyramid, Pyramid, Pyramid, Pyramid, Pyramid, Pyramid, Pyretic, Pyrexia, Pyrites, Pyrogen, Pyrogen, Pyrosis, Pyrrhic, Pyrrhic, Pyrrhic, Pyrrhic, Pyrrhic, Pyrrhus, Rapidly, Ropeway, Scrappy, Scrimpy, Scrumpy, Sharply, Sharply, Sharply, Sharply, Shrimpy, Sparkly, Sparkly, Sphyrna, Spicery, Spidery, Spin-dry, Sprawly, Sprayer, Sprayer, Springy, Springy, Spyeria, Spyware, Stroppy, Syncarp, Therapy, Topiary, Topiary, Trypsin, Uropygi,

6 Letter Words containing PYR: Apiary, Chirpy, Chirpy, Crappy, Creepy, Creepy, Crispy, Croupy, Cy pres, Cypher, Cypher, Cypher, Cypher, Cypher, Cypher, Cypher, Cyprus, Cyprus, Daypro, Drippy, Drippy, Drippy, Droopy, Drop by, Dropsy, Dry mop, Drypis, Dupery, Expiry, Expiry, Frumpy, Frypan, Grapey, Grumpy, Japery, Murphy, Napery, Ophrys, Osprey, Paltry, Paltry, Pan-fry, Pantry, Papery, Papery, Parity, Parity, Parity, Parity, Parity, Parlay, Parlay, Parley, Parley, Parody, Parody, Parody, Parody, Partly, Pastry, Pastry, Pay for, Pearly, Pearly, Penury, Pertly, Pilary, Piracy, Piracy, Player, Player, Player, Player, Player, Plyers, Poetry, Poetry, Poorly, Poorly, Popery, Portly, Prayer, Prayer, Prayer, Prayer, Prayer, Prepay, Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Pricey, Primly, Priory, Prissy, Prissy, Prongy, Propyl, Pry bar, Prying, Prying, Purely, Purify, Purify, Purify, Purity, Purity, Purity, Purvey, Pyrene, Pyrene, Pyrite, Pyrola, Pyrope, Pyuria, Recopy, Replay, Replay, Replay, Replay, Replay, Replay, Ripely, Sharpy, Sharpy, Sperry, Sporty, Sporty, Sporty, Stripy, Syrupy, Syrupy, Syrupy, Trophy, Trophy, Zephyr, Zephyr,

5 Letter Words containing PYR: Apery, Crypt, Cypre, Dry up, Dry up, Grapy, Harpy, Harpy, Harpy, Harpy, Parky, Parry, Parry, Parry, Parry, Party, Party, Party, Party, Party, Party, Payer, Peary, Percy, Percy, Perky, Perry, Perry, Perry, Perry, Plyer, Porgy, Porgy, Praya, Prexy, Pricy, Privy, Privy, Privy, Privy, Prosy, Proxy, Proxy, Pursy, Pyrex, Pyrus, Raspy, Repay, Repay, Repay, Repay, Reply, Reply, Reply, Ropey, Ropey, Ropey, Rophy, Spray, Spray, Spray, Spray, Spray, Spray, Spray, Spray, Spray, Syrup, Ypres, Ypres, Ypres,

4 Letter Words containing PYR: Pray, Pray, Prey, Prey, Prey, Prey, Pyre, Ropy, Ropy, Ropy, Spry,

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