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Tartar (n.): A reddish crust or sediment in wine casks, consisting essentially of crude cream of tartar, and used in marking pure cream of tartar, tartaric acid, potassium carbonate, black flux, etc., and, in dyeing, as a mordant for woolen goods; -- called also argol, wine stone, etc.

Tartar (n.): A correction which often incrusts the teeth, consisting of salivary mucus, animal matter, and phosphate of lime.

Tartar (n.): A native or inhabitant of Tartary in Asia; a member of any one of numerous tribes, chiefly Moslem, of Turkish origin, inhabiting the Russian Europe; -- written also, more correctly but less usually, Tatar.

Tartar (n.): A person of a keen, irritable temper.

Tartar (a.): Of or pertaining to Tartary in Asia, or the Tartars.

Tartar (n.): See Tartarus.

Tartar (n): An incrustation that forms on the teeth and gums

Tartar (n): A member of the Mongolian people of central Asia who invaded Rus

Tartar (n): A fiercely vigilant and unpleasant woman

Tartar (n): A salt used especially in baking powder

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11 Letter Words containing RTAATR: Abstract art, Adulterator, Adulterator, Air mattress, Alliterator, Arbitrament, Arbitration, Arbitration, Arbitrative, Arthropathy, Arthur tatum, Articulator, Articulator, Barbiturate, Batter bread, Birth trauma, Birth trauma, Chatter mark, Chatter mark, Dramatic art, Fast reactor, Feather star, Fritter away, Gratulatory, Katsura tree, Korea strait, Last quarter, Masturbator, Mount ararat, Ottawa river, Plantar wart, Proletariat, Racing start, Radar target, Retaliatory, Retardation, Retardation, Retardation, Retardation, Retardation, Retractable, Retranslate, Sea starwort, Secretariat, Secretariat, Stair-carpet, Steatorrhea, Straight-arm, Stratocracy, Striate area, Target organ, Target range, Tartar sauce, Tartar steak, Taurotragus, Tea-strainer, Trafficator, Trainmaster, Transfer tax, Transparent, Transparent, Transparent, Transparent, Transpirate, Trapper's tea, Trinitarian, Water carpet, Water heater, Water skater, Water travel, Water-target, Zarathustra,

10 Letter Words containing RTAATR: Abstracter, Abstractor, Alternator, Arbitrator, Aristocrat, Art teacher, Arty-crafty, Astrogator, Astrolatry, Bitartrate, Car battery, Dark matter, Drift apart, Gray matter, Lutra lutra, Maltreater, Martial art, Mary stuart, Pastry cart, Rat-catcher, Repatriate, Repatriate, Repatriate, Restaurant, Retaliator, Retreatant, Street arab, Taret organ, Target area, Terra cotta, Tractarian, Tradecraft, Transactor, Translator, Translator, Translator, Trilateral, Trilateral, Trilateral, Turko-tatar, Utahraptor, Vertebrata, Watercraft, Watercraft,

9 Letter Words containing RTAATR: After part, Arbitrate, Attracter, Attracter, Attracter, Attractor, Attractor, Attractor, Cart track, Earthstar, Heart rate, Raw throat, Retardant, Star chart, Tarot card, Tarrietia, Tartarean, Tear apart, Tetragram, Track star, Water cart, Water-rate,

8 Letter Words containing RTAATR: Mt. ararat, Tartaric, Tartarus, Tartrate, Trade rat, Water rat, Water rat, Water rat,

7 Letter Words containing RTAATR: Rattrap, Rattrap, Rattrap, Tartary,

5 Letter Scrabble word finder or Anagrams for Rtaatr and meanings

Attar (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Rtaatr means: A fragrant essential oil; esp., a volatile and highly fragrant essential oil obtained from the petals of roses. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Tarat

Scrabble word finder for Rattar. Google scrabble cheat for Rtaatr. is an anagram answer for Rtatar. Search engine Word puzzles for rattaR. Rtaatr tRtara, artatR. Meaning of Rtaatr.

Tags: Anagram meaning of Rtaatr. anagram solver, meaning of Rtaatr. Found the meaning of Rtaatr? This page defines Rtaatr. anagrams from Rtaatr.

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