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Senna (n.): The leaves of several leguminous plants of the genus Cassia. (C. acutifolia, C. angustifolia, etc.). They constitute a valuable but nauseous cathartic medicine.

Senna (n.): The plants themselves, native to the East, but now cultivated largely in the south of Europe and in the West Indies.

Senna (n): Any of various plants of the genus Senna having pinnately compou

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10 Letter Words containing SENNA: Abstention, Abstinence, Abstinence, Amanuensis, Amino resin, Anamnestic, Anaximenes, Andaman sea, Anise plant, Anne sexton, Anser anser, Antagonise, Antagonise, Arms-runner, Ascendance, Ascendancy, Ascendence, Ascendency, Assentient, Assignment, Assignment, Assignment, Assignment, Assignment, Assignment, Astringent, Astringent, Astringent, Bad manners, Banishment, Banishment, Barrenness, Barrenness, Base runner, Blind snake, Bone spavin, Bos banteng, Brandy nose, Brawniness, Brazenness, Bundesbank, Candescent, Candidness, Candlepins, Canis niger, Canvas tent, Canyonside, Cat scanner, Channelise, Channelise, Channelise, Channelise, Chastening, China stone, Cismontane, Cognisance, Condensate, Condensate, Congo snake, Consensual, Consonance, Consonance, Contestant, Contestant, Conversant, Crankiness, Cravenness, Daintiness, Descendant, Descendant, Descendant, Dickensian, Didanosine, Disenchant, Disneyland, Dissonance, Dissonance, Dissonance, Donner pass, East indian, East indian, Encasement, Englishman, Estranging, Evanescent, Exsanguine, Finger scan, Gangrenous, Genus alnus, Genus anasa, Genus anser, Genus avena, Genus canis, Genus canna, Genus funka, Genus inula, Genus irena, Genus lamna, Genus lemna, Genus lonas, Genus lunda, Genus manis, Genus manta, Genus naias, Genus najas, Genus nasua, Genus nomia, Genus nyssa, Genus ochna, Genus panax, Genus senna, Genus tinca, Genus tinea, Genus toona, Genus tunga, Genus usnea, Genus vanda, Genus vigna, Genus vinca, Ginger snap, Gingersnap, Glans penis, Graininess, Green snake, Green snake, Greenshank, Half nelson, Handedness, Heaven-sent, Hulsea nana, Humaneness, In absentia, In darkness, Incandesce, Incandesce, Incasement, Incessancy, Increasing, Increasing, Indonesian, Indonesian, Indonesian, Innateness, Insaneness, Inseminate, Inseminate, Instalment, Instalment, Instalment, Intactness, Intestinal, Inwardness, Inwardness, Inwardness, Inwardness, Jane austen, Jauntiness, Jauntiness, Joint snake, Lawn tennis, Lined snake, Man of means, Mandeanism, Manfulness, Mangosteen, Mangosteen, Manservant, Mayonnaise, Melanesian, Mensal line, Menyanthes, Minnesotan, Monstrance, Monstrance, Munchausen, Nanosecond, Narrowness, Narrowness, Narrowness, Narrowness, Nativeness, Nauseating, Near vision, New orleans, News agency, Newton's law, Night snake, Nonstarter, Nonstarter, Nor'-nor'-east, Nor'-nor'-east, Noun phrase, Nurseryman, Obstinance, Obstinance, Orangeness, Ornateness, Ornateness, Pandanales, Parisienne, Peninsular, Penmanship, Penny grass, Pensionary, Pensionary, Pet scanner, Pinus pinea, Plant genus, Pliantness, Pliantness, Polynesian, Polynesian, Polynesian, Prenanthes, Quaintness, Quaintness, Queensland, Rancidness, Randomness, Randomness, Real tennis, Renascence, Renascence, Renascence, Resonating, Sabine pine, Saffranine, Saint denis, Saint-saens, Salientian, Salientian, Sanctioned, Sanctioned, Sanctioned, Sand launce, Sanderling, Sangapenum, Scandentia, Scantiness, Schliemann, Screenland, Sea anemone, Second hand, Second hand, Second hand, Secondhand, Secondhand, Secondhand, Section man, Semiannual, Seminarian, Send around, Senna alata, Sense organ, Sentential, Shenanigan, Shenanigan, Shoshonean, Sine qua non, Single-lane, Skin cancer, Skinnerian, Skinnerian, Slackening, Slanginess, Snake dance, Snake dance, Snake fence, Snake plant, Snake venom, Sneakiness, Sneakingly, Spinal vein, Stan the man, Stand-alone, Stentorian, Stephanion, Stewing pan, Stone plant, Stonemason, String bean, Sunderland, Sunken arch, Sustenance, Sustenance, Sustenance, Tennessean, Tennis ball, Tennis camp, Townsendia, Transience, Transience, Transiency, Unanswered, Unassigned, Underpants, Understand, Understand, Understand, Understand, Understand, Uneasiness, Uneasiness, Uneasiness, Uneasiness, Uneasiness, Uneven bars, Unfairness, Unfairness, Unfairness, Unfastened, Unfastened, Unfastened, Unfastened, Unfastener, Unpleasant, Unpleasing, Unseasoned, Unseasoned, Unseasoned, Unsinkable, Unstrained, Unstrained, Unwariness, Venae renis, Wantonness, Wantonness, Wassermann, Wassermann, West indian, Xenophanes,

9 Letter Words containing SENNA: Abstinent, Abstinent, Adenosine, Aloneness, Anamnesis, Anamnesis, Angriness, Anserinae, Answering, Antimeson, Apennines, Ascendant, Ascendant, Ascendant, Ascendant, Ascendent, Ascendent, Ascendent, Ascendent, Ascending, Ascending, Ascension, Ascension, Ascension, Ascension, Ascension, Assenting, Assonance, Asyndeton, Bannister, Bannister, Be known as, Be known as, Blandness, Blandness, Blandness, Blankness, By no means, Canescent, Canescent, Cannister, Cannulise, Canonised, Cantonese, Cleanness, Cleanness, Cleansing, Cleansing, Cleansing, Consonate, Constance, Constance, Corn snake, Denisonia, Descant on, En passant, En passant, Esthonian, Expansion, Expansion, Expansion, Expansion, Explanans, Faintness, Faintness, Faintness, Faintness, Faintness, Fastening, Fastening, Frankness, Frankness, Gas engine, Gauntness, Genus anas, Genus anoa, Genus inga, Genus naja, Genus nepa, Genus nipa, Genus nypa, Genus rana, Grandness, Grandness, Grandness, Grandness, Greensand, Guanosine, Handiness, Handiness, Humanness, In any case, In any case, In earnest, In one case, Inaptness, Incessant, Indonesia, Inland sea, Insensate, Insensate, Insinuate, Insinuate, Insurance, Insurance, Insurance, Ionian sea, Jansenism, Jansenist, Keynesian, Keynesian, King snake, Kingsnake, Knee pants, Lankiness, Lyonnaise, Manganese, Manginess, Manliness, Mannerism, Mannerism, Mesantoin, Minnesota, Montespan, Naiveness, Nakedness, Nakedness, Nakedness, Nasal bone, Nastiness, Nastiness, Nastiness, Nattiness, Nebraskan, Nestorian, Nestorian, Newsagent, Newsstand, Newswoman, Nonsexual, Nose candy, Ogden nash, Peninsula, Pesantran, Pesantren, Pine snake, Plainness, Plainness, Plainness, Plainness, Planeness, Raininess, Raw sienna, Raw sienna, Reasoning, Reasoning, Renascent, Resonance, Resonance, Resonance, Resonance, Resonance, Ring snake, Ring snake, Roman nose, S. s. van dine, Safranine, San angelo, Sand lance, Sand snake, Sandiness, Sandstone, Sanhedrin, Saturnine, Saturnine, Scantness, Seasoning, Seasoning, Sensation, Sensation, Sensation, Sensation, Sensation, Slovenian, Slovenian, Snail bean, Snake fern, Spinnable, Spinnable, Spinnaker, Sterninae, Sun yat-sen, Sundanese, Suntanned, Synanceja, Tanginess, Tawniness, Tensional, Transcend, Transcend, Transeunt, Transgene, Transient, Transient, Transient, Transient, True senna, Tv newsman, Tyrannise, Tyrannise, Unceasing, Unceasing, Unharness, Unsnarled, Unstained, Unstained, Unstained, Unstained, Vena genus, Venial sin, Vine snake, Wild senna, Yeniseian, Yeniseian,

8 Letter Words containing SENNA: Amundsen, Ancients, Andersen, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anginose, Annamese, Annamese, Anserine, Anserine, Ardennes, Ben shahn, Canonise, Canonise, Channels, Dankness, Earnings, Earnings, Estonian, Estonian, Fasten on, Finances, Genus pan, Handsewn, Ibsenian, Insanely, Insanely, Insectan, Instance, Instance, Instance, Jan steen, Jenny ass, Lang syne, Langsyne, Langsyne, Lausanne, Leanness, Leanness, Linesman, Linesman, Linnaeus, Meanness, Meanness, Nascence, Nascency, Nauseant, Nearness, Neatness, Neatness, Non-slave, Norseman, Noseband, Nuisance, Nuisance, Rankness, Rankness, Resonant, Resonant, Saarinen, Saarinen, Sand dune, Saneness, Sanguine, Sanguine, Sanguine, Scandent, Sea onion, Sea onion, Shenyang, Sinequan, Sirenian, Snap bean, Snap line, Snapline, Sneaking, Stannite, Steinman, Sun dance, Swan-neck, Swanneck, Tien shan, Unfasten, Unfasten, Unreason, Unsanded, Unshaken, Unshapen, Unshaven, Weismann,

7 Letter Words containing SENNA: Asinine, Ensnare, Ensnare, Ensnarl, Ensuant, Lensman, Manners, Mean sun, Nascent, Newsman, Scanner, Scanner, Scanner, Scanner, Senecan, Sneak in, Sneak in, Spanner, Wanness,

6 Letter Words containing SENNA: Cannes, Insane, Insane, Jansen, Nansen, Nantes, Sienna,

4 Letter Scrabble word finder or Anagrams for Senna and meanings

Anes (adv.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Senna means: Once. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Eans
Sane (a.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Senna means: Being in a healthy condition; not deranged; acting rationally; -- said of the mind. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Snea
Sean (n.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Senna means: A seine. See Seine. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Nesa
Sane (a.) an anagram and scrabble cheat for Senna means: Mentally sound; possessing a rational mind; having the mental faculties in such condition as to be able to anticipate and judge of the effect of one's actions in an ordinary maner; -- said of persons. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Naes

What is the meaning of Senna?

The Astrological and Numerological meaning, definition, explanation and analysis of Senna

Destiny guarantees you flourishing and control. You will never know destitution and reliance, on the grounds that your way is prompting to the regale of this world. Distinction, influence and riches - are the three segments of Life Path 8. Managerial capacity and authoritative aptitudes - are the apparatuses that will help you to make a steady and honorable position for yourself and your family. Flourishing, achievement and humankind - are the reason and the impact of your development. With your senses, you ought to pick a critical field of action - the greater is obligation, the more prominent will be the reward, in both implications: material and otherworldly. The high power and an unmistakable thought of ​​what is correct, will open for you the path to your incredible accomplishments. Your enthusiasm for generosity and magnanimous associations is to a great degree profitable for them since you know how to get what is not accessible for the others, and in this way, you can make the best undertakings. Efficiency and nimbleness, which are unconventional to the vibrations of your Life Path 8 Number, will permit you to spare time, exertion and vitality so as to put them where they are required most. You are exceptionally insightful and you comprehend the human instinct, in this manner you generally relate those individuals, who are less talented and effective than you. You don't get drained to offer assistance to the individuals who require it, and all what you gave is continually hitting you up increased a hundred circumstances. Fearlessness is one of real qualities of numerology life way 8 number. You as often as possible express this component of yours, looking for equivalent rights for all individuals. You are constantly prepared to guard the casualties of unfairness. Possibly in some cases you ought to be more cautious, spending your forces on the others (and more specific). Behind your dedication to the teach and dismissal of preference to the authentic rights lies the ruinous compel that can serve insidious too, on the grounds that the power is really an enormous weapon that you can use at your own particular watchfulness. Notwithstanding, if a negative nature of life way 8 will take you to the top and you\'ll utilize your influence to hurt the others, you will never have the capacity to appreciate the newly discovered riches, since it will be with spoiled. Why? Since just a feeling of a well-done case and a honorable reward is giving you a genuine delight. Material belonging will come to you without much exertion. You will find a feeling of good fulfillment from the way that you had made something uncommon with the assistance of capacities that are inborn just to you. You are not invested with creative energy, as are encouraged to ace all the new items that can prompt to your picked significant objective, and after that you will - most likely - achieve it. With this profound sympathy that you have for individuals your freshly discovered riches you will appreciate on the grounds that you can impart it to those less lucky. This is the thing that you are always eager and doing. Normal occupations and vocations forever way 8 are enormous business and some other work including fund, trade, huge companies, best official positions, financier, money related or political counselor, corporate legal counselor, speculation specialist, acquiring operator, legislator, urban organizer, business investigator, structural architect, competitor, administrator of chain store, government official, maker, school or school head.

Words, phrases derived from the letters in Senna

Meaning of EEASA, Meaning of EEASAEE, Meaning of ENNSN, Meaning of ENNSNE, Meaning of SEENS, Meaning of SEENSSE, Meaning of NENEA, Meaning of NENEANE, Meaning of ENNNS, Meaning of ENNNSE, Meaning of EAANS, Meaning of EAANSE, Meaning of NAEEA, Meaning of NAEEAN, Meaning of ENNES, Meaning of ENNESEN, Meaning of ANSEN, Meaning of ANSENAN, Meaning of EENAE, Meaning of EENAEE,

The meaning, definition and explanation of each letter in Senna in astrology andnumerology/horoscope are:

S: Meaning of the letter S in Senna means: You appreciate liberality. Ability is awesome, however don't exaggerate. Seek after most prominent ability and fortunes is next to you. Talented, you bring joy into lives of others. Captivating identity, help other people toward thriving and also yourself. Courage and flexibility bring tremendous vocation, accommodate maturity. Try not to dream about impossible objectives, be viable and cut out a vocation. Awesome vision, don't disregard what is as of now achieved. Inventiveness, don't scramble vitality or ability hastily. Well-spoken, complicated and mean, look for counsel in all exchanges.

For you, it is business before joy. In the event that you are in any capacity disturbed via profession, business, or cash concerns, you think that its difficult to unwind and get into the state of mind. You can be impractically hopeful to a blame and are prepared to do much arousing quality. In any case, you never lose control of your feelings. You are extremely watchful and wary before you give your heart away-and your body, so far as that is concerned. When you make the dedication, however, you stick like paste.

E: Meaning of the letter E in Senna means: You are an extremely energizing individual. Meekness retreats as you develop. Mystery and self-centeredness give influence, lose bolster unless longing for cash and power directed. Intrinsic knowledge and strategy convey desire to realization. Flexibility brings respects, don't get to be distinctly imprudent. Utilize, create, and apply creative ability and succeed, however maintain a strategic distance from madness. On the off chance that you realized what individuals truly consider you, you would be shocked.

Your most noteworthy need is to talk. In the event that your date is not a decent audience, you experience difficulty relating. A man must be mentally fortifying or you are not intrigued sexually. You require a companion for a mate and a buddy for a bed mate. You loathe disharmony and interruption, however you do appreciate a decent contention every so often it appears to blend things up. You be a tease a considerable measure, for the test is more essential than the sexual represent you. However, once you give your heart away, you are uncompromisingly faithful. When you don't have a decent partner to nod off with, you will nod off with a decent book.

N: Meaning of the letter N in Senna means: You get a kick out of the chance to work, yet you generally need a break. Uncertainty most exceedingly awful adversary, no one but you can overcome. Defeat inborn feelings of dread independent from anyone else improvement and dormant ability. Hasty nature could get you into genuine inconvenience. Conquer propensity to unusualness and crabbiness, them numerous companions and flourishing. Nonexistent issues could overpower, remain in the without a moment's hesitation.

You may seem blameless, unassuming, and bashful; yet we realize that appearances can lie. With regards to sex, you are no fledgling however something of a talented specialist. You can without much of a stretch go to extremes however, running the extent from voracity to fatigue with the entire thought of sex. You can be very condemning of you mate, looking for flawlessness in both of you. It is difficult to discover somebody who can meet your measures. You experience issues communicating feelings and gravitating toward to darlings.

A: Meaning of the letter A in Senna means: You can be calm when you have something at the forefront of your thoughts. Imperativeness and eagerness, rouse others, inclined to sick wellbeing, judgment skills conquers, peevishness and "nerves", make money related and household issues. Taking part in new exercises, defeats bashfulness, unanticipated occasions may bring about surprising move to faraway place. Travel generally, may live a long way from home. You could endure possess whimsicalness. Desire achieved through application and aptitude.

You are not especially sentimental, but rather you are keen on activity. You mean business. With you, what you see is the thing that you get. You have no tolerance for being a tease and can't be annoyed with somebody who is attempting to be bashful, adorable, shy, and quietly luring. You are an in advance individual. With regards to sex, its activity that matters, not dark clues. Your mate's physical appeal is critical to you. You discover the pursuit and test of the "chase" stimulating. You are energetic and sexual, and additionally being a great deal more brave than you show up, in any case, you don't circumvent promoting these qualities. Your physical needs are your essential concern.

Scrabble word finder for enSna. Scrabble cheat for Senna. is an anagram answer for neanS. Word puzzles for eannS. Senna nneSa, Snena. Meaning of Senna.

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