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Gut (n.): A narrow passage of water; as, the Gut of Canso.

Gut (n.): An intenstine; a bowel; the whole alimentary canal; the enteron; (pl.) bowels; entrails.

Gut (n.): One of the prepared entrails of an animal, esp. of a sheep, used for various purposes. See Catgut.

Gut (n.): The sac of silk taken from a silkworm (when ready to spin its cocoon), for the purpose of drawing it out into a thread. This, when dry, is exceedingly strong, and is used as the snood of a fish line.

Gut (v. t.): To take out the bowels from; to eviscerate.

Gut (v. t.): To plunder of contents; to destroy or remove the interior or contents of; as, a mob gutted the bouse.

Tug (v. t.): To pull or draw with great effort; to draw along with continued exertion; to haul along; to tow; as, to tug a loaded cart; to tug a ship into port.

Tug (v. t.): To pull; to pluck.

Tug (v. i.): To pull with great effort; to strain in labor; as, to tug at the oar; to tug against the stream.

Tug (v. i.): To labor; to strive; to struggle.

Tug (n.): A pull with the utmost effort, as in the athletic contest called tug of war; a supreme effort.

Tug (n.): A sort of vehicle, used for conveying timber and heavy articles.

Tug (n.): A small, powerful steamboat used to tow vessels; -- called also steam tug, tugboat, and towboat.

Tug (n.): A trace, or drawing strap, of a harness.

Tug (n.): An iron hook of a hoisting tub, to which a tackle is affixed.

Gut (n): A strong cord made from the intestines of sheep and used in surg

Gut (n): The part of the alimentary canal between the stomach and the anu

Gut (n): A narrow channel or strait

Gut (v): Remove the guts of

Gut (v): Empty completely; destroy the inside of

Tug (n): A sudden abrupt pull

Tug (n): A powerful small boat designed to pull or push larger ships

Tug (v): Struggle in opposition

Tug (v): Pull hard

Tug (v): Pull or strain hard at

Tug (v): Move by pulling hard

Tug (v): Carry with difficulty

Tug (v): Tow (a vessel) with a tug

Tug (v): Strive and make an effort to reach a goal

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8 Letter Words containing TUG: Ageratum, Ageratum, Agua toad, Aguacate, Ague root, Angulate, Angulate, Antiguan, Antiguan, Argonaut, Argonaut, Argonaut, Argument, Argument, Argument, Argument, Argument, Argument, Argument, Atsugewi, Atsugewi, Au gratin, Augustan, Augustus, Autogamy, Autogeny, Autogiro, Autogyro, Baguette, Blind gut, Boughten, Bring out, Bring out, Bring out, Bring out, Bring out, Bring out, Bring out, Bring out, Bring out, Bulge out, Bun-fight, Bunfight, Bustling, Butea gum, Caught up, Changtzu, Cough out, Counting, Courting, Cut glass, Daughter, Daunting, Doubting, Doughnut, Doughnut, Draughts, Draughty, Drug bust, Druggist, Eggfruit, Equating, Eulogist, Exiguity, Exulting, Faggot up, Farragut, Fatigued, Fatigues, Faulting, Flag smut, Fruitage, Fruiting, Fugacity, Fugacity, Fugitive, Fugitive, Fugitive, Fumigant, Fumigate, Gadabout, Gastrula, Gather up, Gather up, Gauntlet, Gauntlet, Gauntlet, Gauntlet, Geastrum, Genus uta, Germ tube, Gestural, Gestural, Get about, Get stuck, Ghost gum, Glow tube, Glutelin, Gluttony, Gluttony, Go all out, Goat's rue, Goat's rue, Gold dust, Goncourt, Goncourt, Good turn, Goora nut, Gouge out, Graduate, Graduate, Graduate, Graduate, Graduate, Graduate, Grateful, Grateful, Gratuity, Gratuity, Great auk, Grind out, Gross out, Gross out, Guano bat, Guaranty, Guardant, Guiltily, Gujarati, Gujarati, Gujerati, Gujerati, Gum butea, Gum plant, Gumption, Gumption, Gun-sight, Gunfight, Gunflint, Gunmetal, Gunpoint, Gunsight, Gunsmith, Gunstock, Gusseted, Gustavus, Gustavus, Gustavus, Gustavus, Gustavus, Gustavus, Gut issue, Guttural, Guttural, Guttural, Gypaetus, Haunting, Haunting, Houghton, Houghton, Huguenot, Hustings, Ignatius, Intrigue, Intrigue, Intrigue, Intrigue, Judgment, Judgment, Judgment, Judgment, Judgment, Judgment, Judgment, Laughter, Laughter, Laughton, Ligature, Ligature, Ligature, Ligature, Ligature, Ligature, Linguist, Linguist, Long suit, Long suit, Moulting, Mounting, Mounting, Ngultrum, Nugatory, Nut grass, Nut sedge, Nutgrass, Nutsedge, Outfight, Outgoing, Outgoing, Outgoing, Outguess, Outlying, Outraged, Outrange, Outright, Outright, Outright, Outright, Outweigh, Outweigh, Oxtongue, Pinchgut, Plant bug, Plug into, Portugal, Pugilist, Put right, Quantong, Quilting, Quilting, Regulate, Regulate, Regulate, Regulate, Rightful, Rightful, Rough cut, Rough out, Rough-cut, Rough-cut, Rustling, Rustling, Rustling, Rusty rig, Rutabaga, Rutabaga, Rutledge, Sauteing, Scouting, Shantung, Shouting, Shouting, Shutting, Slugfest, Soft drug, Spouting, Spurting, Stagirus, String up, String up, Struggle, Struggle, Struggle, Struggle, Struggle, Struggle, Struggle, Studying, Stuffing, Stuffing, Stumping, Stunning, Stunning, Stunning, Stunning, Stunting, Sturgeon, Sunlight, Suturing, Sweet gum, Sweet gum, Sweet gum, Swing out, Taichung, Taunting, Taunting, Tegument, The hague, Thorough, Thorough, Thorough, Throw rug, Thudding, Thuggery, Thumping, Thumping, Tiger cub, Togged up, Tombaugh, Tommy gun, Touching, Touching, Touching, Tough guy, Tragulus, Truckage, Truckage, Trucking, True frog, Trumping, Trusting, Tug-of-war, Tug-of-war, Tumbling, Tung tree, Tungsten, Tungusic, Tungusic, Tunguska, Tunguska, Tunguska, Turgenev, Turgidly, Tuskegee, Tutelage, Tutelage, Type slug, Ugaritic, Ungentle, Ungulata, Ungulate, Ungulate, Unsought, Unstaged, Unstring, Unstrung, Untagged, Untangle, Untangle, Untaught, Untiring, Updating, Upstager, Urgently, Ustilago, Vaulting, Vaulting, Vaulting, Vonnegut, Water bug, Water bug, Water gum, Water gun, Water jug, Wring out, Yoghourt, Ziggurat,

7 Letter Words containing TUG: Antigua, Augitic, Augment, Augment, Augusta, Augusta, Bang out, Boat bug, Bunting, Bunting, Cutting, Cutting, Cutting, Cutting, Cutting, Cutting, Cutting, Cutting, Cutting, Cutting, Cutting, Cutting, Cutting, Disgust, Disgust, Disgust, Dog turd, Drag out, Drag out, Draught, Draught, Draught, Draught, Draught, Draught, Draught, Drought, Drought, Drugget, Dust bag, Dustrag, Fatigue, Fatigue, Fatigue, Fatigue, Fatigue, Fatigue, Fluting, Fraught, Fraught, Fulgent, Gauntry, Gautama, Gesture, Gesture, Gesture, Gesture, Give out, Give out, Give out, Give out, Gluteal, Gluteus, Glutted, Glutton, Glutton, Gnu goat, Go about, Go dutch, Goat rue, Gourmet, Grotius, Grub out, Grummet, Grunter, Grunter, Gruntle, Gujarat, Gujerat, Gum boot, Gum tree, Gummite, Gun rest, Gunboat, Gunshot, Guthrie, Gutless, Gutless, Gym suit, Hang out, Hangout, Haughty, Hindgut, Hunting, Hunting, Hunting, Hurting, Jutting, Jutting, King nut, Laugh at, Light up, Light up, Light up, Light up, Light up, Liturgy, Liturgy, Montagu, Mug shot, Mugshot, Mugwort, Mustagh, Mustang, Mutagen, Muztagh, Naughty, Naughty, Ousting, Outgoer, Outgrow, Outgrow, Outrage, Outrage, Outrage, Outrage, Outrage, Outrage, Outrage, Plug hat, Pungent, Pungent, Punting, Putting, Ring out, Riot gun, Rusting, Shotgun, Sten gun, Stun gun, Suggest, Suggest, Suggest, Suggest, Suiting, Tautoga, Tegular, Theurgy, Theurgy, Thought, Thought, Thought, Thought, Through, Through, Through, Through, Through, Through, Through, Thuggee, Toby jug, Tongued, Tongued, Toughen, Toughie, Toughie, Toughly, Trogium, Trudger, True bug, Tugboat, Tughrik, Tung oil, Tunnage, Turning, Turning, Turning, Turning, Turning, Turning, Tying up, Unguent, Uniting, Uniting, Untying, Upright, Upright, Upright, Upright, Upright, Upstage, Upstage, Upstage, Upstage, Upstage, Upstage, Upstage, Uptight, Vege out, Vetluga, Vulgate, Wet lung, Wing nut, Wing nut, Wing-nut, Wing-nut, Wrought, Yoghurt,

6 Letter Words containing TUG: 15 august 1945, Agouti, Augite, August, August, August, August 1, August 15, August 6, Baguet, Budget, Budget, Budget, Bug out, Catgut, Catgut, Degust, Dig out, Dig out, Dig out, Dugout, Dugout, Dugout, Englut, Fag out, Fig out, Gateau, Get out, Get out, Get out, Get out, Get out, Get out, Get out, Gluten, Gnetum, Gomuti, Guilty, Guilty, Guitar, Gullet, Gunite, Gusset, Gusset, Gusset, Gutter, Gutter, Gutter, Gutter, Gutter, Gutter, Gutter, Gutter, Guttle, Hagbut, Log out, Luting, Muztag, Naught, Naught, Nougat, Nought, Nugget, Nutmeg, Nutmeg, Outage, Outage, Outing, Outing, Pig out, Pignut, Ragout, Rig out, Rigout, Rotgut, Set gun, Sought, Sought, Strung, Taguan, Tanguy, Tautog, Telugu, Telugu, Though, Tog out, Tongue, Tongue, Tongue, Tongue, Tongue, Tongue, Tongue, Tongue, Tongue, Tongue, Tragus, Trough, Trough, Trough, Trough, Trough, Trough, Trudge, Trudge, Tuareg, Tuareg, Tubing, Tudung, Tugela, Tugger, Tugrik, Tungus, Tungus, Tunguz, Tuning, Turgid, Turgid, Turgor, Turgot, Turing, Urgent, Yogurt,

5 Letter Words containing TUG: Aught, G suit, Gamut, Gamut, Gaunt, Get up, Get up, Get up, Get up, Get up, Get up, Get up, Get up, Getup, Glute, Go out, Go out, Go out, Go out, Go out, Go out, Gouty, Grout, Grout, Grunt, Grunt, Grunt, Grunt, Guest, Guest, Guest, Guest, Guilt, Guilt, Gusto, Gusty, Gutsy, Guyot, Outgo, Outgo, Stung, Taegu, Tagus, Tog up, Tough, Tough, Tough, Tough, Tough, Tough, Tough, Tough, Tough, Tough, Tough, Tough, Tsuga, Tunga,

4 Letter Words containing TUG: Glut, Glut, Glut, Gout, Gust, Guts, Tegu, Thug, Tung, Utug,

Scrabble word finder for ugT. Google scrabble cheat for Tug. is an anagram answer for Tgu. Search engine Word puzzles for gTu. Tug Tug, ugT. Meaning of Tug.

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