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Adjunct (a.): Conjoined; attending; consequent.

Adjunct (n.): Something joined or added to another thing, but not essentially a part of it.

Adjunct (n.): A person joined to another in some duty or service; a colleague; an associate.

Adjunct (n.): A word or words added to quality or amplify the force of other words; as, the History of the American Revolution, where the words in italics are the adjunct or adjuncts of "History."

Adjunct (n.): A quality or property of the body or the mind, whether natural or acquired; as, color, in the body, judgment in the mind.

Adjunct (n.): A key or scale closely related to another as principal; a relative or attendant key. [R.] See Attendant keys, under Attendant, a.

Adjunct (n): A construction that can be used to extend the meaning of a word

Adjunct (n): Something added to another thing but not an essential part of it

Adjunct (n): A person who is an assistant or subordinate to another

Adjunct (s): Of or relating to a person who is subordinate to another

Adjunct (s): Furnishing added support

12 Letter Words containing UADTNCJ: Adjudication

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10 Letter Words containing UADTNCJ: Adjunction Adjunctive Conjugated Conjugated Conjugated

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