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Lax (v. t.): Not tense, firm, or rigid; loose; slack; as, a lax bandage; lax fiber.

Lax (v. t.): Not strict or stringent; not exact; loose; weak; vague; equivocal.

Lax (v. t.): Having a looseness of the bowels; diarrheal.

Lax (n.): A looseness; diarrhea.

Lax (s): Emptying easily or excessively

Lax (s): Lacking in rigor or strictness

Lax (a): Lacking in firmness or tension; not taut

Lax (a): Pronounced with muscles of the tongue and jaw relatively relaxed

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8 Letter Words containing XAL: Affixial, Apoplexy, Atriplex, Ax handle, Axillary, Axillary, Axiology, Axletree, Axolemma, Battle-ax, Battle-ax, Bisexual, Bisexual, Bisexual, Black box, Black fox, Box pleat, Camelpox, Carboxyl, Carboxyl, Dead axle, Drixoral, Dyslexia, Epicalyx, Exalting, Exemplar, Expiable, External, External, External, External, External, Exultant, Flax rust, Flaxedil, Flaxseed, Floor wax, Gloxinia, Hexadrol, Huxleian, Huxleyan, Karl marx, Laxation, Laxation, Laxative, Laxative, Live axle, Loxapine, Loxitane, Luxation, Malcolm x, Mexicali, Naloxone, Old saxon, Oral exam, Parallax, Proximal, Relaxant, Relaxant, Relaxing, Sales tax, Saxatile, Saxicola, Scale wax, Scolopax, Sex gland, Sexually, Sexually, Siloxane, Smallpox, Toadflax, Wax light, Wax plant, X-ray film, Xylocopa,

7 Letter Words containing XAL: Abaxial, Adaxial, Adnexal, Affixal, Aflaxen, Alms box, Anal sex, Annexal, Asexual, Axially, Axle bar, Axolotl, Bay lynx, Biaxial, Box calf, Call box, Call box, Coaxial, Dextral, Dextral, Exactly, Exactly, Exactly, Exalted, Example, Example, Example, Example, Example, Example, Excel at, Exclaim, Exclaim, Explain, Explain, Explain, Exuvial, Foxtail, Halifax, Land tax, Lanoxin, Lascaux, Laxness, Laxness, Lexical, Lexical, Luxuria, Mailbox, Mailbox, Malaxis, Malraux, Maxilla, Maximal, Maxwell, Maxwell, Mixable, Nova lox, Oral sex, Oxalate, Phalanx, Phalanx, Phalanx, Play-box, Playbox, Poleaxe, Poleaxe, Poleaxe, Poll tax, Relaxed, Relaxer, Relaxin, Salpinx, Saltbox, Tax bill, Tax lien, Taxable, Taxales, Telefax, Textual, Uxorial, Wax palm, Wax palm, Wax palm, Waxlike, Xylaria, Xylopia, Xylosma,

6 Letter Words containing XAL: Alexia, Alexic, Alexic, Alopex, Amoxil, Axilla, Axonal, Biaxal, Claxon, Claxon, Claxon, Climax, Climax, Climax, Climax, Climax, Climax, Coaxal, Exhale, Exhale, Flaxen, Galaxy, Galaxy, Galaxy, Hallux, Klaxon, Lac wax, Larynx, Lastex, Laxity, Laxity, Loxoma, Luxate, Maalox, Oxalic, Oxalis, Oxtail, Plavix, Poleax, Poleax, Poleax, Sexual, Sexual, Sexual, Smilax, Smilax, Spalax, Tax law,

5 Letter Words containing XAL: Axial, Axial, Axial, Axile, Calyx, Exalt, Exalt, Exalt, Exalt, Galax, Glaux, Larix, Lasix, Latex, Latex, Laxly, Limax, Loxia, Paxil, Relax, Relax, Relax, Relax, Relax, Relax, Relax, Relax, Salix, Unlax,

4 Letter Words containing XAL: Axil, Axle, Calx, Flax, Flax,

Scrabble word finder for Xla. Google scrabble cheat for Xal. is an anagram answer for Xla. Search engine Word puzzles for alX. Xal Xal, Xla. Meaning of Xal.

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