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Structure (n.): The act of building; the practice of erecting buildings; construction.

Structure (n.): Manner of building; form; make; construction.

Structure (n.): Arrangement of parts, of organs, or of constituent particles, in a substance or body; as, the structure of a rock or a mineral; the structure of a sentence.

Structure (n.): Manner of organization; the arrangement of the different tissues or parts of animal and vegetable organisms; as, organic structure, or the structure of animals and plants; cellular structure.

Structure (n.): That which is built; a building; esp., a building of some size or magnificence; an edifice.

Structure (n): A thing constructed; a complex entity constructed of many parts

Structure (n): The manner of construction of something and the arrangement of i

Structure (n): A particular complex anatomical part of a living thing and its c

Structure (n): The complex composition of knowledge as elements and their combi

Structure (n): The people in a society considered as a system organized by a ch

Structure (v): Give a structure to

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